The Kansas Directory is a publication that provides contact information for numerous government resources and provides general information about Kansas. The links below will guide you to the relevant information.

Table of Contents

State and Federal Officers (p. 1-5)
The Kansas Judiciary (p. 6-10)
The Kansas Legislature, Terms and Salaries of State Officials, Chart of Districts (by county) (p. 11-20)
Kansas History and Government, History of Kansas Officials (p. 21-48)
Kansas County Officials (p. 65-91)

The sections of the Kansas Directory listed below are currently being updated and should be available soon. For more information, please contact Nancy Reddy, Legal Publications Division, at (785) 296-3489 or nancy.reddy@sos.ks.gov.

Voting and Election Information, Kansas Cities and Counties, Populations, Zip Code Directory
Executive Offices, Departments, Boards and Commissions