This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Health and Environment, Department of 08-22-2018 View PDF
28-4-95 Fee for fingerprint-based background checks
Health and Environment, Department of 09-19-2018 View PDF
28-4-503 Timing of specimen collections
Health and Environment, Department of 09-19-2018 View PDF
28-70-2 Reporting requirements
Health and Environment, Department of 09-27-2018 View PDF
28-35-800 Definitions
28-35-802 Exemption of NORM or TENORM
28-35-803 Classification and exemption of NORM waste and TENORM waste
28-35-804 Determination of exemption and classification
28-35-805 Purposeful dilution
Health and Environment, Department of 09-27-2018 View PDF
28-55-1 Revocation
28-55-2 Revocation
28-55-3 Revocation
28-55-4 Revocation
28-55-5 Revocation
Human Rights Commission 07-20-2018 View PDF
21-30-18 Revocation
21-40-5 Revocation
21-45-1 Revocation
21-45-2 Revocation
21-45-3 Revocation
21-45-4 Revocation
21-45-5 Revocation
21-45-6 Revocation
21-45-7 Revocation
21-45-8 Revocation
21-45-9 Revocation
21-45-10 Revocation
21-45-11 Revocation
21-45-12 Revocation
21-45-13 Revocation
21-45-14 Revocation
21-45-15 Revocation
21-45-16 Revocation
21-45-17 Revocation
21-45-18 Revocation
21-45-21 Revocation
21-45-22 Revocation
21-45-23 Revocation
21-45-24 Revocation
21-45-25 Revocation
21-46-2 Revocation
21-46-3 Revocation
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 08-02-2018 View PDF
115-20-7 Revocation