Thank you to everyone who participated, attended, or volunteered at the Kansas Secretary of State's 8th Annual Ad Astra Archery Tournament!

Each year since 2011 the Kansas Secretary of State has sponsored the Ad Astra Archery Tournament together with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

This event is named in honor of the 20-foot-tall bronze statue of a Kanza Indian named "Ad Astra" placed atop the Kansas Capitol dome. The warrior aims his bow and arrow at the north star, illustrating our state motto "ad astra per aspera" meaning "to the stars through difficulties."

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism administers the Kansas Archery in the School Program (KASP). The Boy Scouts, civics groups, home schools and churches also provide archery instruction and equipment for children to learn and enjoy the sport of archery.

This annual tournament gives Kansas kids a fun day to compete with one another and enjoy other family activities in a lovely outdoor setting.


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Date & Time

Spring 2019

Watch the Ad Astra Archery Tournament Facebook page for announcements

Registration Deadline & Fee

To be determined

$16 per archer competing


MacLennan Park, Topeka, KS

Just off I-70, south of and adjacent to Cedar Crest (governor's residence), north side of SW 6th Avenue just west of SW Fairlawn Road.

Click for turn by turn directions

Directions to MacLennan Park

Directions from East of Topeka

  1. Take I-70 Exit 357A (Fairlawn Exit)
  2. Drive south (left turn) on SW Fairlawn Road
  3. Drive west (right turn) at the stop light on SW 6th Avenue
  4. Drive north (right turn) at the first right into parking lot, which turns east (right, parallel to SW 6th Avenue)

Directions from West of Topeka

  1. Take I-70 Exit 356 (Wanamaker Exit)
  2. Drive north (right turn) on SW Wanamaker Road
  3. Drive east (right turn) on SW 6th Avenue
  4. Drive north (third left turn) into parking lot, which turns east (right, parallel to SW 6th Avenue)

Who May Compete

The Ad Astra Archery Tournament competition is open to all archers who meet the following requirements.

Are in grades K-12 by the tournament date

Have received archery training

Have been trained with the NASP® curriculum in school, church or civics club

(or have been trained with another archery curriculum and get NASP® tournament rules instruction at this tournament)

Have registered and paid the $16 registration fee received by April 6, 2018

(No T-shirt will be ordered if registration is received after the deadline)

Who May Attend

The public may observe and enjoy the festivities at no charge, including the Learn-to-Shoot area where instructors will assist one-on-one.


A plaque will be awarded to the three highest scoring individuals in each of the following divisions.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

4th grade through 6th grade

7th grade and 8th grade

9th grade through 12th grade

Each individual archer who registers and competes will receive a participation medallion and an event T-shirt. The highest scoring teams or individuals in each division at the KASP statewide tournament who also attend the Ad Astra Archery Tournament are eligible for financial awards for travel expenses to the NASP® national championship. The number of awards and amount of each depends on donations to the Ad Astra Archery Fund.


One shirt for the archer is covered by the registration fee.

Additional shirts may be ordered at $16 each through the online ordering form or by using the printable registration form by enclosing a check or money order with the form. The additional shirt(s) payment may be included in the same check or money order with the registration fees.

All T-shirts must be picked up at the tournament and will not be shipped.

In the event of emergency, T-shirts not picked up at the tournament may be picked up at the Secretary of State's office in person by appointment.

Tournament Schedule

To be determined.

Register to Compete

Use the online registration link to register as an individual, or download the registration form to register by mail.

If you wish to pay by credit, debit card or PayPal, please use the online registration form.

If you wish to pay by check or money order, please download the paper registration form and mail it in.

If you are registering as a group, please mail paper registration forms for each participant and pay by check or money order.

  1. For the printed paper form option: Use the fillable PDF to type the requested information for the most readable results.
  2. Print the completed form.
  3. Sign the printed form as Parent or Guardian.
  4. Write a check or money order payable to Ad Astra Archery Tournament Inc. for the amount of the registration fee plus any additional T-shirts ordered.
  5. Mail the signed form and check or money order to:
    Ad Astra Archery Tournament Inc.
    P.O. Box 1012
    Topeka, KS 66601
  6. Make certain that the registration form, T-shirt order, and payment is received in the P.O. box by the registration deadline.

Tournament Rules

All bows, arrows, and accessories used by participants may be subjected to inspection, including dismantling at the discretion of tournament officials. Anyone found using disallowed equipment or modifications will forfeit their awards and be disqualified from the rankings.

Tournament directors reserve the right to modify, remove or add items as needed.


Tournament Rules

Archers and coaches must check every bow for compliance before flight time.

All bows must be on bow racks for range official inspection before shooting begins.

Once shooting begins no bows may be taken behind the waiting line, without range official approval.

Archers may bring their own NASP® bows that meet the equipment specifications. A number of "loaner" bows will be available for use for those who choose not to bring their own equipment or in case of equipment failures.

Mandatory NASP® Equipment Specifications

Only the stock (original), unmodified Genesis™ bow approved for NASP®.

No sight or sight-mark on the bow:

  1. Camouflage bow only if the face of the riser window is covered with tape or paint to prevent camouflage lines serving as sight marks. (Range officials will not cover sight marks.)
  2. Bow personalized by painting, stickers, etc. only as long as no sighting aids.

Only thread knots or heat shrink nock locators (1 or 2). No brass nock locators. Instructions for tying on a nock locator are available at

No draw stops or stabilizers.

"After-market" bowstring and cables only if the same approximate length as orginal.

Only orginal and unmodified cable guard, slide, wheel, cam, bearings, riser, arrow rest, and limbs.


Tournament Rules

Tournament officials will provide 5 arrows (and replacements as needed) in each archer's ground quiver.

Only arrows and arrow components approved for use in the NASP® National Tournament are allowed

Personal arrows may be used but must:

  1. meet NASP® standards,
  2. be uniquely marked to identify the archer's arrow,
  3. be placed in provided ground quivers, and
  4. be inspected by range officials prior to beginning of the flight.

Mandatory NASP® Equipment Specifications

Only the standard Easton Genesis 1820 full length aluminum arrow.

Only NASP® standard arrow nocks (glued on a swaged end of the arrow shaft).

Only NASP® standard arrow points (glue-in, cone shaped and weighing 60 grains).

Only soft plastic arrow vanes, 2.8" long and no more than 0.5" in height and attached to the shaft with a straight set of approximately 1.5 degrees.

Only 3 vanes on the arrow.

Marks allowed on arrow vanes for purposes of identification.

Marked, crested, or taped above the mid-point (towards the nock) for purposes of identification allowed on arrow shaft.


Tournament Rules

Not Allowed

  1. Mechanical release aids


  1. Finger tabs, tape, or gloves to protect draw-hand fingers
  2. "No-glove" finger protection devices on the bowstring
  3. Arm guards
  4. Finger or wrist slings
  5. Wrist slings attached using the stock bolt that comes with the strap
  6. "Sims" vibration dampeners on the bow limbs

Mandatory NASP® Equipment Specifications

The bolt must be made of steel or plastic.

The bolt must protrude one inch or less beyond the bow's accessory hole.

Competitive Format

Range Set-Up

  1. Targets will be the standard NASP® 80 cm FITA face with 10 scoring rings.
  2. Target butts will be placed directly on the ground similar to the height of school butts.
  3. Targets will be attached to the butts approximately 4 inches above the ground.
  4. The target line will be approximately 2 yards or meters from the target butts.
  5. There will be 10 and 15 meter shooting lines for grades 4-12.
  6. There will be 5 and 8 meter shooting lines for grades K-3.
  7. The waiting line will be at least 4 yards or meters beyond the 15 meter shooting line.
  8. A "Coaches Alley" will be delineated between the waiting line and spectators.
  9. Spectators may stand as close as possible behind the waiting line.
  10. One archer will be assigned to each lane.

Whistle Signals

NASP® whistle commands will be used to operate the range.

  1. 5+ whistles for an emergency
  2. 2 whistles to "get bow"
  3. 1 whistle to "shoot"
  4. 3 whistles to "go get arrows"

Archers Must:

  1. Walk when moving about the range.
  2. Remain standing when at the targets scoring and pulling arrows.
  3. Avoid more than one archer remaining at the targets when arrows are pulled.
  4. Cover points with one hand and grasp the shaft below the vanes with the other when carry arrows.
  5. Pre-draw, draw, and aim in a manner to prevent the arrow from being pointed above the backstop curtain.

Order and Distance of Shooting

  1. Each archer in grades 4-12 will shoot one practice end of 5 arrows at 10 meters and then shoot 3 scoring ends of 5 arrows (15 arrows total) at 10 meters. This well be repeated at 15 meters.
  2. Each archer in grades K-3 will shoot at 5 meters and 8 meters.
  3. Archers will have 2 minutes to shoot each 5-arrow end. An alert will be provided near the conclusion of each end.
  4. An arrow that bounces off the target may be shot again as instructed by range officials.


  1. All arrows must be scored before any arrow or the target's face is touched.
  2. Beginning in the center of the target, scoring rings are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1.
  3. An arrow touching the lines is awarded the point higher value.
  4. An arrow that isn't in a scoring ring is awarded "0" points.
  5. The "X" ring in the center of the 10 is simply scored as a 10.
  6. An arrow that "robinhoods" another arrow receives the value of the arrow in the target.
  7. An arrow that skips off the ground and strikes the target is scored where it lands.
  8. An arrow that skips off the ground and bounces off the target is treated as a bounce-out.
  9. Scorecards will be provided at the tournament.
  10. Archers should walk to the target in their lane.
  11. If two archers are shooting in the same lane:
    • Both scorecards will be on the same score board.
    • One archer will call arrows he or she shot while the other bubbles in the score of these arrows.
    • Archers will then reverse roles with the other calling arrows he or she shot while the other bubbles.
    • If archers cannot agree on an arrow's score, a range official will make the final decision.
  12. If only one archer is shooting he or she will fill in the scorecard and have it verified by a range official.
  13. The scorecard must be signed by the archer and lane-mate or range official at the conclusion of shooting and scoring.
  14. Range officials will gather signed scorecards at the target when each flight is concluded.
  15. Only the student archer and tournament officials will be allowed downrange of the waiting line.


For more information about the Ad Astra Archery Tournament or if you have questions, please contact Lara Murphy by one of the options listed below.

(785) 296-0082 (Work)