Welcome to the Notary Public page. Notaries public have an important role in Kansas. The notary public prevents fraud and forgery by acting as an official, unbiased witness to the identity of the person who signs a document.

All 50 states have notaries public, but there are slight differences in the laws and requirements for them in each state. Though there are many similarities, each state can have significant differences in the requirements for appointment and length of commission, as well as the power and duties of a notary.

The Notary Application prescribed by the secretary of state is available to download from our Web site either by clicking on the link above or by going to the notary public section of Filings & Forms in the left hand navigation. You also may download the Change of Status form and Notary Handbook here.

Our office also certifies documents by applying authentications or Apostilles to documents that are going out of the country for official use. These countries require a competent state authority - in Kansas it is the secretary of state - to certify that the notarization was completed by a Kansas notary public.

Please review the links here or on the left navigation to learn more about Applying to Become a Kansas Notary Public, the Responsibilities of a Kansas Notary Public, Certifications - Authentications and Apostilles and Kansas Electronic Notaries.

You also may visit our FAQ page. If you cannot find answers to your questions there, please do not hesitate to contact our Notary Public Division.