With the increase in electronic commerce, the need for an electronic notary is becoming a necessity. Currently, we are in the pilot stage of issuing e-notary commissions. As an e-notary, you will be able to notarize a document that was created, generated, sent, communicated, received or stored electronically.

E-notarization will allow a notary to witness a signature, oath or other allowable notarial transactions. As with all notarizations, the signature must still physically take place in front of the notary. This commission does not allow a notary to notarize a document that was previously signed and then electronically submitted to the notary.

As e-notarizations become more widely accepted in our state, the need for commissioned e-notaries will increase. Continue to check our Web site for more information about how to become an e-notary and updates on this process. If you have any questions about e-notarizations please contact our notary clerk.