This section provides information about national and state elections, which are held in even-numbered years. In the fall of odd-numbered years, the counties conduct elections for city and local school board positions.

Candidates for national and state offices file with this office. Candidates for county and local offices file with their respective county election offices.

Information regarding 2018 elections.
2018 Election Information

These useful voter guides can be read online or printed for distribution.
1) A Guide to Voting in Kansas (Español)
2) A Guide to Kansas Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE) Act (Español)
3) A Guide to Provisional Voting (Español)
4) A Guide to Voting Accessibility (Español)
5) A Guide to Poll Agent Rules (Español)
6) A Guide to HAVA Complaint Procedure (Español)
7) A Guide to Voter Registration Drives (Español)
8) A Guide to Candidate Petition Circulation (Español)
9) A Guide to Petition Circulation (Español)