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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 31, 2001

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Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh released the Adjustment to the 2000 United States Decennial Census Report to the Kansas Legislature today. The Kansas Constitution requires reapportionment of Kansas legislative and state board of education districts based upon the adjusted population figures. K.S.A. 11-301 directs the Secretary of State’s office to conduct the Census adjustment, which occurs every ten years in conjunction with the United States Decennial Census. Congressional districts are drawn using unadjusted federal census figures.

The population adjustment redistributes college students and military personnel who are not permanent residents of the state, county or city where they were counted by the US Census to their permanent residence elsewhere. The redistribution is based on the college student’s and military personnel’s response to questionnaires distributed through the colleges and military bases.

“The adjustment provides the legislature with the most accurate numbers possible,” stated Thornburgh. “For example, whereas the US Census counts college students in their dorms, the Kansas adjustment allows the student to be counted in their home of permanent residence, if they don’t consider their dorm room to be their home.” “By ensuring equal and accurate district populations, we are taking the first step to ensure our Constitutional right of one person, one vote.”

Copies of the Adjustment to the 2000 United States Decennial Census Report are available online at