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For Immediate Release
Tuesday November 20th, 2001

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Jesse Borjon, Communications Director
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Topeka, November 20, 2001 - The holiday season brings a blizzard of solicitations from charities. Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh, Attorney General Carla Stovall, and Secretary of Aging Connie Hubbell have partnered to launch Kansas Charity Check, a Web site designed to promote and encourage informed decisions when contributing to a charitable organization.

The address for Kansas Charity Check is The Web site includes a search feature that allows users to search the 950 charitable organizations registered in Kansas; determine the amount of money raised by the charitable organization; the percentage of money the organization uses for fund raising expenses; and the amount of money the organization contributes to the charitable purpose. The same information can be obtained from the Secretary of State’s office by calling 785/296-4564.

Kansas law requires charitable organizations, and the professional fund-raiser and solicitors who work for them, to register with the Kansas Secretary of State. The registration provides public information regarding operations, solicitation costs, and the net amount donated to the charitable purpose.

“While most charitable solicitations are valid, all too often only a fraction of the money donated ends up in the hands of the charity,” said Ron Thornburgh, Secretary of State.

“The Kansas Charity Check Web site will provide Kansas seniors with an easily accessible means in which to research solicitations by charitable organizations,” said Connie Hubbell, Secretary on Aging. “This service will be extremely beneficial as seniors are solicited during the upcoming holiday season.”

“Each year, my office receives hundreds of inquiries about charitable solicitations,” said Carla Stovall, Attorney General. “Unfortunately, some groups and individuals unconscionably take advantage of the giving nature of Kansas residents. This web site can be a first step in helping anyone who wants more information on how particular charities spend the resources that are entrusted to them.”