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For Immediate Release
Wednesday, June 26, 2002

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Topeka, KS - Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh announced the state voter registration cards are available in Spanish. This is the first time in Kansas that voter registration cards are available in a second language.

“I expect more Spanish speaking Kansans will become involved in the democratic process,” stated Thornburgh. “I am pleased to announce the availability of Kansas voter registration cards in Spanish. Through a partnership with the Kansas Advisory Committee on Hispanic Affairs, we were able to translate the English voter registration card to Spanish. This is an effort to reach out to the growing number of Hispanics and Latinos in Kansas communities and encourage them to participate in the political process.”

“We are happy to provide the translation service for Secretary Thornburgh,” Tina DeLaRosa, Executive Director, Kansas Committee on Hispanic Affairs stated. “Development of the Spanish form is a natural for our organization’s commitment to providing needed services to the Hispanic and Latino community.”

The fastest growing demographic in Kansas, Hispanic and Latino population has doubled from 93,670 in 1990 to 188,252 in 2000 (US Census Bureau).

Voter registration cards are available at, the office of the Advisory Committee on Hispanic Affairs, or at one of the 105 county election offices. Voters have until Monday, July 22 to register or to change party affiliation for the August 6 primary election and until Monday, October 21 to register for the November 5 general election.