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For Immediate Release
Tuesday, August 19, 2003

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Jesse Borjon, Communications Director
Office of the Secretary of State
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Topeka, KS – Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh today announced that fees will increase. As of September 1, 2003, all fees in the secretary of state’s office will increase due to action taken by the governor and legislature during the 2003 legislative session.

In response to these necessary fee changes, Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh said, “We have spent nine months doing a comprehensive review of transactions and analysis of operating costs. When coupled with our cost cutting measures, I believe the new fee structure is fair.”

“I very much regret that the costs will affect our customers, but we want you to understand that we continue to look for ways to cut administrative costs so we may pass those savings to our customers.”

“We strive to be the least complicated, most accessible agency in state government and are committed to customer satisfaction.”

Historically, the agency has operated on a split-funding basis. Half of the agency’s revenue was generated from state general fund dollars, while the other half was comprised of fees charged for services offered to customers. This year, that funding was cut by 50 percent and starting in fiscal year 2005, the secretary of state’s office will receive no state general fund money.

The secretary of state’s office is the state agency responsible for filing corporate documents and collecting fees from business entities. All businesses must file documentation with the agency, which allows them to conduct business in Kansas.

A listing of the new fee schedule is available on our website at