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Friday, May 14, 2004

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Kansas one of the first states to adopt voting system security policy

Topeka, KS – Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh today commended Kansas election officials for adopting a voting system security policy for Kansas.

Secretary Thornburgh said, “Kansans should be proud of the foresight shown by our local election officials in adopting a voting system security policy. Security of the overall electoral process is of utmost concern to me as the chief election official for Kansas. We must recognize that the voting systems in use have been extensively tested and certified and used in many elections across the state and nation. By adopting and implementing this security policy we have proactively ensured all of our voting systems remain secure now and in the future.”

The security policy gives an overview of voting systems and outlines six components of voting system security including access to the system, transmitting data, testing voting equipment, polling place security, voting equipment storage, and voting equipment certification process.

Thornburgh appointed in December of 2003, a voting system security task force of seven county election officers and four members of his staff. The purpose of the task force was to review voting security and recommend a policy for adoption by all counties. The policy addresses growing concerns among the voting public about computerization of election procedures.

The Kansas County Clerks’ and Election Officials’ Association (KCCEOA) convened a board meeting on Thursday, May 13 and unanimously adopted the proposed voting system security policy. The Association is comprised of 101 elected county clerks and four election commissioners appointed by the secretary of state. Kansas is required to purchase new HAVA-compliant voting equipment for the 2006 election.

Voting System Security Policy