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Thursday, October 28, 2004

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Topeka, KS – Today, Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh predicted a record turnout for the upcoming general election.

“Kansas will see a record turnout for the general election,” stated Thornburgh. “The number of registered voters in Kansas has increased over the past several years and more than 100,000 new voters have registered since the primary election. Counties across the state are breaking records for advance voting; 32 of 40 Kansas Senate seats are contested; and several of our most populated counties have special questions on the ballot that are generating interest.”

“A number of organizations have launched aggressive ‘get out the vote’ campaigns to encourage registration and voting,” stated Thornburgh. “Young people are engaged in the process and registered at record numbers. Kids Voting Kansas recently celebrated 10 years and students who participated in the program are now old enough to vote. In 2000, 20,000 students participated in the Kids Voting Kansas program. In 2004, 230,000 students are participating in the program. In Kids Voting Kansas communities, we will see a trickle up affect that increases voter turnout at a rate of 3 percent to 5 percent for adults. For the first-time ever, Kansas launched an aggressive voter education program to encourage voting. All of these components will result in a record number of voters going to the polls on election day.”


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“From the courthouse to the White House, Kansans’ voices will be heard in their neighborhoods, communities, state and country as they take part in the election process,” stated Thornburgh. “I encourage all eligible Kansans to participate by voting in the election on November 2, 2004.”

The Secretary of State’s office predicts approximately 1,288,200 voters will turnout for the November 2 general election. This figure represents approximately a 204,936 person increase from the 2000 general election turnout, when 1,083,264 out of 1,622,131 eligible voters casts ballots.

As of today, 1,687,896 voters are eligible to participate in the general election.

The number of voters affiliated with each recognized political party includes:

Democratic – 453,039
Libertarian – 9,399
Reform – 2,285
Republican – 779,687
Unaffiliated – 443,487
Total – 1,687,896

General Election Results
Year Registered Voters Turnout Percent
1988 1,265,958 993,044 78.4%
1992 1,365,849 1,161,927 85.1%
1996 1,438,894 1,076,237 74.8%
2000 1,622,131 1,083,264 66.7%

- Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee and Wyandotte counties make up 45.7 percent of the total registered voters.

- The top 10 counties include Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee, Wyandotte, Douglas, Reno, Leavenworth, Saline, Butler and Riley. They make up 60.7 percent of total registered voters.

Election results will be posted on the Secretary of State’s website at, starting at 7 p.m. on November 2. The election results will be offered on a new and improved interactive mapping system and users can access results by clicking on each county.

October 28, 2004 Voter Registration Data