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For Immediate Release
Monday, November 15, 2004

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Topeka, KS – Today, Kansas Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh announced that the development of ELection Voter Information System (ELVIS) has begun in Kansas. The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires all states to maintain a centralized voter registration database and when fully operational in 2006 ELVIS will meet that requirement for Kansas.

“Once ELVIS arrives in 2006, it will be a significant step forward in full implementation of sweeping federal election reform requirements,” stated Thornburgh. “ELVIS will serve all of Kansas well and it will set a national standard for our sister states. This new system will have a number of benefits for voters, election administrators and for the overall election management process.”

“The new system will have enhanced security of election registration and timely, accurate registration validation checks,” stated Thornburgh. “Significant savings will be seen through the reduction of paperwork and the elimination of time consuming state and local record maintenance activities. The end product will preserve the critical state and county balance in the election process while providing a uniform system that is secure and uniform to maintain.”


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Kansas recently teamed with Accenture to help in developing the new system. Kansas will use Accenture Election System Manager 2004 for Microsoft.NET, the company’s system designed to comply with HAVA will deliver real-time reporting capability and enhance election administration functions in every county. InfiniTec of Hays, Kansas, a leading supplier of software and services to Kansas county government is a subcontractor to Accenture on this project. Another subcontractor, Aradyme Corporation (OTCBB: ADYE), will help collect and provide the data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) solution needed to consolidate the state’s 105 disparate county voter registration databases into a single statewide system.