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Thursday, November 9, 2006

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TOPEKA, KS - Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh announced today that statewide voter turnout in Tuesday’s general election exceeded his earlier prediction.

“Two days ago, Kansans across the state went to the polls in higher numbers than we’ve seen in several years. I think this shows that in spite of the negative campaigning and low primary numbers, the citizens of our state want to be involved in the governmental process,” said Thornburgh.

According to the unofficial numbers, 860,378 of the state’s 1,663,017 registered voters cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election. The Secretary of State’s office had predicted a turnout of approximately 814,000 people.

In addition to the high turnout, Thornburgh also noted that despite the changes in technology, no county reported any significant issues.

“This election proved what we’ve believed all along-our process works. We have created a system that is a national standard for security and accuracy and that was demonstrated on Tuesday,” said Thornburgh.

Though the machines were used in the primary, many critics throughout the country were skeptical of the ability of this new technology to operate in a secure, timely manner with the influx of voters in a general election.



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Counties in Kansas reported only minor issues at the polling place and during tabulation later that evening. Among those were the following:

-Barton County mistakenly left the votes in one township off the results sent to the Secretary of State’s office, resulting in an outcome change in the House of Representatives District 112 race. This correction is now reflected in the unofficial results.

-A handful of voters from Neosho County contacted the Secretary of State’s office claiming they had been turned away from the polls because their name didn’t appear on the poll book. The elections staff informed these citizens of their right to a provisional ballot and contacted the county election office.

-Cherokee, Douglas, Harvey, Thomas, Sheridan and Sedgwick counties reported that the scanners used to tabulate votes after the polls close jammed, causing a minor delay in reporting time.

-Johnson County reported that hand lotion caused a temporary delay at one polling place, preventing the voting machine from displaying a ballot. This was quickly discovered and cleaned.