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Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Calling college students to ensure accurate count

TOPEKA, KS – Kansas college students may receive a call from the Office of the Secretary of State Chris Biggs this summer. In compliance with the Kansas Constitution, the Secretary of State’s Office is conducting a census of students enrolled at all of the 66 public or private universities or colleges in the Kansas. State law requires that college students be counted every 10 years in conjunction with the federal census.

The information collected in the state census will be used early next year to adjust population data collected by the federal government, to ensure that college students are counted at their permanent residences for the purpose of redistricting. Over the course of the next two years, the Kansas Legislature will develop new districts for the Kansas House, Senate and State Board of Education, and the state's four congressional seats.

"It’s important that students complete the census adjustment form so that they are counted in their hometowns during redistricting,” Sec. Biggs said. “We’re in the process of reaching out to college students with errors on their forms to ensure that we have complete and accurate information."

As of June 1, the Secretary of State’s Office had received more than 100,000 responses and of the 25,000 responses that have been reviewed approximately 30 percent had errors requiring a follow up phone call. Students have the option of completing a paper form or filling the form out online.