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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

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Voter registration ends July 19th

TOPEKA, KS – Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs is reminding Kansans of the importance of registering to vote. The last day for Kansans to register to vote or to change their party affiliation is 15 days prior to the next election; the deadline to register to vote for the primary election on Tuesday, August 3rd is Monday, July 19th.

“Voting is the civic responsibility of every eligible Kansan and the first step to voting is registering to vote,” said Chris Biggs, Secretary of State. “I encourage all eligible Kansans to register to vote.”

In order to register to vote, Kansans must complete a voter registration application and meet the following qualifications:
Kansans may register to vote online at: To register to vote online, individuals must have a valid Kansas driver’s license or identification card issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Alternatively, Kansans may request a paper application from their county election office or download it online at: The completed application must be returned to the appropriate county election office.

As of July 1st, 1.7 million Kansans were registered to vote (739,764 Republicans, 488,764 Unaffiliated, 462,159 Democrats, 9,883 Libertarians, and 1,167 Reform Party Members).

The Kansas Democratic Party allows unaffiliated voters to cast a ballot in the Democratic Primary. The Kansas Republican Party allows unaffiliated voters to cast a ballot in the Republican Primary only if the voter affiliates with the Republican Party. This can be completed at the polling place on Election Day.

Kansans can also go online to to check their voter registration status, find their polling place, and learn more about voting in Kansas.