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For Immediate Release
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Tyler Longpine, Public Affairs Director
Office of the Secretary of State


Olathe, KS – The following remarks were delivered by Secretary of State Chris Biggs to the Johnson County Election Commission upon the re-appointment of Bryan Newby as Johnson County Election Commissioner:

“Bryan Newby embodies the best qualities Kansans deserve from their election officials; fairness & accessibility.

Our elections are a sacred trust between their people and their government and that public trust must be the foremost concern for any election official. Our elections must be administered by professional, non-partisan public servants, and Bryan is a top notch public servant. Ron Thornburgh, my predecessor, recognized that quality in Bryan and so do I.

Bryan’s innovative leadership has earned him national recognition as well. In 2006 he was recognized for pioneering usage of podcasting and text messaging to educate voters about the midterm elections. In 2007 the Johnson County Election website was recognized with a Digital Government Achievement Award for improvements that made the website more user friendly for voters.

Under the leadership of Bryan Newby Johnson County voter registration and participation have steadily increased. Since his appointment in 2005 voter registration in Johnson County has increased by nearly 30,000.

The Johnson County Election is a model for the successful implementation of mobile web based voter empowerment. Through innovative online and mobile software the Johnson County Election office is making voter education and voting easier than ever before by making the office more accessible, more efficient, and more effective.

Bryan’s leadership values public service over anything else and for that reason Bryan he has earned himself a reputation as one of the best election officials in the country. I am pleased to re-appoint Bryan Newby to a third term and I am thankful for his dedicated professionalism and public service.”