This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Accountancy, Board of 10-27-2017 View PDF
74-2-1 Applications for examination
74-2-7 Concentration in accounting
74-3-8 Ethics examination requirement for issuance of certificate
74-4-3a Permit renewal
74-4-7 Continuing education requirements
74-4-8 Continuing education programs; requirements
74-4-9 Continuing education controls and reporting
74-4-10 Continuing education requirements for renewal of initial or reinstated permits
74-5-2 Definitions
74-5-202 Compliance with standards
74-5-405 Revocation
74-5-406 Firm or professional names
74-5-408 Change of name or address
74-6-2 Management of an office
74-7-2 Firms eligible for registration
74-11-6 Definitions
74-12-1 Fees
Attorney General 09-29-2017 View PDF
16-14-1 Revocation
16-14-2 Revocation
16-14-3 Revocation
16-14-4 Revocation
16-14-5 Revocation
16-14-6 Revocation
16-14-7 Revocation
16-14-8 Revocation
16-14-9 Revocation
16-14-10 Revocation
16-14-11 Revocation
Emergency Medical Services, Board of 11-09-2017 View PDF
109-1-1 Definitions
109-2-9 Variances
109-5-1 Continuing education
109-5-1a Emergency medical responder (EMR) continuing education
109-5-1b Emergency medical technician (EMT) continuing education
109-5-1c Advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT) continuing education
109-5-1d Paramedic continuing education
109-5-1f Revocation
109-5-3 Continuing education approval for long-term providers
109-5-7a Revocation
109-5-7b Revocation
109-5-7c Revocation
109-5-7d Revocation
109-6-2 Renewal of attendant and instructor-coordinator certificates
109-7-1 Schedule of fees
109-8-1 Examination
109-8-2 Scheduling examinations for certification
109-9-4 Requirements for acceptance into an instructor-coordinator initial course of instruction
109-10-1a Approved emergency medical responder education standards
109-10-1b Approved emergency medical technician education standards
109-10-1c Approved advanced emergency medical technician education standards
109-10-1d Approved paramedic education standards
109-10-1f Revocation
109-10-1g Revocation
109-10-3 Late enrollment
109-10-7 Distance learning
109-11-1a Emergency medical responder course approval
109-11-9 Instructor qualifications
109-13-1 Revocation
Healing Arts, Board of 11-20-2017 View PDF
100-76-1 Fees
100-76-2 Licensure by examination
100-76-3 Waiver of examination and education
100-76-4 Exempt license; description of professional activities
100-76-5 Professional liability insurance; active license
100-76-6 Continuing education
100-76-7 Unprofessional conduct; definitions
100-76-8 Professional incompetency; definition
100-76-9 Patient records; adequacy
100-76-10 Release of records
100-76-11 Free offers
100-76-12 Business transactions with patients; unprofessional conduct
Health and Environment, Department of 10-03-2017 View PDF
28-16-28b Definitions
28-16-28d Surface water classification and use designation
28-16-28e Surface water quality criteria
28-16-28f Administration of surface water quality standards
28-16-28h Surface water variance register
Health and Environment, Department of 11-02-2017 View PDF
28-35-135a Definitions
28-35-135c Definitions
28-35-135i Definitions
28-35-135s Definitions
28-35-135u Definitions
28-35-140 Exemptions
28-35-177a General licenses; source material
28-35-178i General licenses for certain units of radium-226
28-35-179a Application for specific license; renewal or amendment
28-35-180a General requirements for the issuance of specific licenses
28-35-180b Financial assurance for decommissioning
28-35-181h Specific licenses to manufacture and distribute the devices specified in K.A.R. 28-35-178b
28-35-181i Special license to manufacture, distribute, assemble, or repair luminous safety devices for use in aircraft
28-35-181k Specific licenses to manufacture and distribute ice detection devices
28-35-181m Specific licenses to manufacture, prepare, or distribute radiopharmaceuticals containing radioactive material for medical use
28-35-181o Specific licenses to manufacture and distribute sources and devices for use as a calibration, transmission, or reference source or for certain medical uses
28-35-181t Requirements for license to initially transfer source material for use under the small quantities of source material general license
28-35-184a Specific conditions on all licenses
28-35-192a Exemptions; source material
28-35-192c Exceptions; other radioactive material
28-35-192g Exemptions; exempt quantities
28-35-192h Certain industrial devices
28-35-197a Revocation
28-35-197b Schedule B; exempt quantities of radioactive material
28-35-205b Alternate criteria for license termination
28-35-217b General monitoring requirements
28-35-221a Procedures for picking up, transporting, receiving, and opening packages
28-35-221b Appendix A; determination of A1, A2, and B quantities
28-35-230d Revocation
28-35-264 General requirements
28-35-288 Special requirements and exemptions for enclosed radiography
28-35-343 Storage precautions
28-35-344 Transport precautions
28-35-347 In-person inventory
28-35-362 Notification of incidents, abandonment, and lost sources
28-35-504 Advance notification of shipment of certain types of licensed or registered material
28-35-700 General requirements
Health and Environment, Department of 11-15-2017 View PDF
28-19-202 Revocation
28-19-516 Class I operating permits; application fees
28-19-517 Class I operating permits; annual emissions inventory and fees
Human Rights Commission 10-20-2017 View PDF
21-41-5 Manner of filing
Pharmacy, Board of 11-08-2017 View PDF
68-1-3a Qualifying pharmaceutical experience
68-2-20 Pharmacist's function in filling a prescription
68-7-12a Nonresident pharmacies
68-7-15 Prepackaging or repackaging of drugs
68-7-20 Shared services
68-11-2 Fees for premises and service registrations and permits
Revenue, Department of 09-26-2017 View PDF
92-51-34a License plates; new issuance
Revenue, Department of 11-29-2017 View PDF
92-12-146 Definitions
92-12-148 Tax credit application
92-12-149 Quarterly reports
Veterinary Examiners, Board of 11-08-2017 View PDF
70-1-7 ""Companion animal""; definition
70-3-1 General requirements
70-3-2 Standard to pass
70-3-5 Failing any examination
70-6-1 Veterinary premises and mobile veterinary clinic; minimum requirements
70-7-1 The practice of veterinary medicine
70-8-1 Acts of unprofessional conduct
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 01-11-2018 View PDF
115-15-3 Threatened and endangered wildlife; special permits and enforcement actions
115-15-4 Recovery plans; procedures
Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, Department of 11-16-2017 View PDF
115-2-1 Amount of fees
115-2-3 Camping, utility, and other fees
115-2-4 Boat fees
115-2-6 Other fees
115-7-1 Fishing; legal equipment, methods of taking, and other provisions
115-7-4 Fish; processing and possession
115-7-10 Fishing; special provisions
115-17-2 Commercial sale of fish bait
115-17-3 Commercial fish bait permit; requirement, application, and general provisions
115-18-12 Trout permit; requirements, restrictions, and permit duration
115-18-19 Paddlefish permit; requirements, restrictions, and permit duration
115-18-20 Tournament black bass pass; requirements, restrictions, and pass duration
115-25-14 Fishing; creel limit, size limit, possession limit, and open season