FAQ - Charitable

Q. What does "Charitable distributions in, and outside of, Kansas" mean?
A. If your charitable organization gives money to other charitable entities, we would like to know how much you are donating to those charities, whether they are located in Kansas, or another state.

Q. How often do I file form SC, the Registration Statement for Solicitations?
A. The form is required to be submitted annually and is due six months after your tax year end. Therefore, if your tax year end is 12-31, the form is due by 6-30. The fee for the registration is $35.00.

Q. What attachments do I need to provide with the registration?
A. By Kansas statute, you must submit your IRS 990 if you are required to file that document with the IRS. If your organization is not required to file with the IRS, you must submit our form FS, the Charitable Solicitation Financial Statement. If your gross contributions are over $500,000 for the year, you are also required to submit an independent audit.

Q. Does your state offer extensions if my 990 is not ready to submit?
A. Kansas does not offer extensions, but we will allow you to file your registration with our financial statement, form FS, giving us your best estimation for the answers. Once your 990 is complete, you must submit that document and we will update the numbers for the gross contributions and fundraising expenses.

Q. What information do I need to provide to be granted an exemption from filing?
A. Because our office does not offer legal advice, we cannot tell you whether your organization is exempt. Please review state statute 17-1762 for the listed exemptions and consult your attorney for legal advice. If you believe your organization is exempt, there is no form you must provide; you simply do not register with our state.

Q. Do you accept the URS registration form?
A. At this time, we do accept the URS, but it does ask for information we do not require.

Q. If a question does not pertain to my organization, can I leave it blank?
A. So we know that you reviewed all the questions thoroughly, we would prefer that you answer with β€œNA” or β€œ0.”

Q. If I have contracted with a professional fundraiser, must I submit the contract?
A. No; we only accept written contracts from the professional fundraiser. You only need to provide us with the names.

Q. One of the questions asks for the street addresses of the major employees and board members; can I provide a PO Box?
A. No; Kansas statute requires that all persons listed must be accompanied by a street address.