Helpful Hints/Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your question please contact the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State at (785) 296-4564 or e-mail at kssos@sos.ks.gov.

Q. What is the difference between a Trademark and a Service-mark?
A. Trademarks are used by merchants and manufacturers to identify goods as their own and Service-marks identify services and the source of those services.

Q. Why am I not finding the results I think I should?
A. The search will bring back a maximum of 300 results. When searching by keyword in a trademark/service-mark name, please try to search for the most uncommon word in the name as opposed to the most common.

Q. What are the acceptable characters to enter for an online search?
A. Outside of A-Z and 0-9, we allow dashes and single quotes.

Q. What is the fee for a Trademark/Service-mark?
A. The fee is $40.00

Q. What form do I use to file a Trademark or Service Mark?
A. The form TSA.

Q. When does the application expire?
A. A registration lasts 5 years.

Q. If I register will it protect the name/design/logo?
A. Not necessarily. It only puts the public on notice that the name/design/logo is in use.

Q. How many samples do I need to submit with the application?
A. Three (3).

Q. Can all three (3) samples be the same?
A. No, three (3) different samples must accompany the application for a new mark.

Q. When do I need to renew?
A. You can renew up to 6 months ahead of your expiration date.

Q. What is the form and fee for a renewal?
A. The form for a renewal is TSR and the fee is $40.

Q. When renewing a trademark registration, do I have to send in 3 samples again?
A. No, only one sample showing the mark as actively used is required.

Q. If we are registered federally do we need to register with the state?
A. No, you do not need to register but you can register.

Q. What is an assignment?
A. An assignment is when you assign the trademark or service-mark to a new owner.

Q. What is the form and fee for an assignment?
A. The form for an assignment is TSS and the fee is $15.

Q. What is the form and fee to cancel a trademark or service-mark?
A. The form for a cancellation is TSC and the fee is $15.