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Business Services iconBusiness Entity - Useful Links

Resources Available at the Kansas Secretary of State Website

Kansas Charity Check – research registered charities financial and donation information

Business Entity Search Station – search the business entity database, trademark & service-mark information, and name availability

Help for Your Business

Kansas Business One Stop – one-stop shop for starting and maintaining a business, including multi-agency requirements

NetWork Kansas – resource for starting up or growing your business

Small Business Administration – programs and services for small businesses

IRS Small Business or Self-Employed Resource – help for IRS requirements and filings

Related State Agencies – the state website, with links to all state agencies

Kansas Legislature – search statutes and track legislation

Kansas Department of Revenue – for state tax information

Kansas Department of Commerce – for business licensing or travel information

Kansas Attorney General – for consumer and family protection and complaints

Federal Agencies

Internal Revenue Service – for FEIN, 501(c) 3, and other tax information

United States Patent and Trademark Office – for trademarks, patents and copyrights

Other Relevant Information

Better Business Bureau – resource for researching businesses online