This form must be completed by the chairperson of each party committee and political committee which anticipates receiving contributions or making expenditures and must be filed with the Secretary of State (Memorial Hall - 1st floor, 120 SW 10th, Topeka, Kansas 66612). The chairperson of each such committee is required to file this statement not later than ten (10) days after the establishment of the committee or whenever there is a change in the information previously reported. Please note, KSA 25-4145 requires the name of the committee to reflect the full name of the organization the committee is connected or affiliated with. If the political committee is not connected or affiliated with any one organization, the name shall reflect the trade, profession or primary interest of the committee as reflected by the organizationís statement of purpose.

If you need further assistance with the online application, please contact our Elections Division at (785) 296-4561. If you need assistance completing the Campaign Finance forms, please contact Governmental Ethics Commission at 785-296-4219.

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