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division icon Elections Forms

Description K.S.A.

AV1 NA Application for Advance Voting Ballot 25-1122d
AV10 NA Instruction for Voting Optical Scan Advance Voting Ballot 25-1121
AV2 NA Application for Permanent Advance Voting Status 25-1122d
AV5 NA Affidavit of Assistance 25-1124
AV7 NA Application for Advance Voting Ballot by a Former Precinct Resident 25-1122d, 25-3702
AV9 NA Instruction for Voting Paper Advance Voting Ballot 25-1121
CLICK NA Certification Requesting Fee Waiver for Nondriver Identification Card 8-1324(g)(2)
CLICK NA Kansas Voter Registration Application 25-2309
CP NA Kansas Non-Partisan City / School Nomination Petition 25-2020, 25-2110
CVR NA Statewide Voter Registration Data Request 25-2320, 25-2320a
DAP NA Kansas Primary Nomination Petition for District Attorney 22a-102, 25-205
DRO NA Declaration of Religious Objection to Photographic Identification 25-2908(i)(5)
FP1 NA Affidavit of Former Precinct Resident 25-3702
FS File Now Flag Order Form 75-419
GI NA Kansas Independent Nomination Petition Governor & Lt. Governor 25-303
GP NA Kansas Primary Nomination Petition Governor & Lt. Governor 25-4004, 25-4005
IE NA Kansas Independent Nomination Petition / Presidential Electors 25-303, 25-304
IP NA Kansas Independent Nomination Petition 25-303
JR NA Judicial Retention Candidate's Declaration of Intention NO K.S.A.
OP NA Petition to Establish Official Party Recognition 25-302a
PA NA Authorized Poll Agents 25-3005a
PD NA Declaration of Intention (Precinct Committeeman/woman) 25-206
PE NA Kansas Presidential Primary Nomination Petition 25-4502, 25-205
PF NA Application of Former Resident Presidential Ballot 25-1802
PN NA Application of New Resident Presidential Ballot 25-1802
PP NA Kansas Primary Nomination Petition 25-205
PR NA Application of Relocated Resident Presidential Ballot 25-1802
RP NA Petition for Recall of Elected Official 25-4320, 25-4322
S1 NA Statement of Federal Services Voter 25-1219
S1F NA Affidavit of Federal Services Facsimile Voter 25-1216, 25-1219
S2 NA Certificate of Voting of Recently Discharged Federal Service Elector 25-2302d
S3 NA Affidavit of Former Federal Service Elector 25-2302d
VI NA Paper Ballot Instructions to Voters 25-2706
WG NA Affidavit of Candidacy Governor & Lt. Governor 25-305
WP NA Affidavit of Write in Candidacy US President / Vice President 25-305
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