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Publications iconProposed Permanent Kansas Administrative Regulations

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This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Administration, Department of 06-12-2024 View PDF
1-16-21 Registration and membership fees
Animal Health, Div of-Department of Agriculture 07-02-2024 View PDF
9-7-1 General
9-7-14 Equidae
9-10-1 Revocation
9-10-2 Revocation
9-10-3 Revocation
9-10-4 Revocation
9-10-5 Revocation
9-10-7 Revocation
9-10-8 Revocation
9-10-9 Revocation
9-10-10 Revocation
9-10-14 Revocation
9-10-15 Revocation
9-10-16 Revocation
9-10-17 Revocation
9-10-18 Revocation
9-10-19 Revocation
9-10-21 Revocation
9-10-22a Revocation
9-10-23 Revocation
9-10-24a Revocation
9-10-25a Revocation
9-10-26a Revocation
9-10-27a Revocation
9-10-30 Revocation
9-10-31 Revocation
9-10-32 Revocation
9-10-33 Revocation
9-10-33a Revocation
9-10-34 Revocation
9-10-35 Revocation
9-10-36 Revocation
9-10-37 Revocation
9-10-38 Revocation
9-10-39 Revocation
9-10-40 Revocation
9-10-41 Definitions
9-10-42 Public livestock market facilities
9-10-43 Limitation on use of public livestock market facilities
9-10-44 Disinfection of public livestock market facilities and vehicles
9-10-45 Quarantine pens and facilities
9-10-46 Quarantine of diseased and exposed livestock or exotic animals
9-10-47 Diseases, injuries, and conditions rendering livestock or exotic animals unfit for sale; limitation on sale; euthanasia, removal, or disposal
9-10-48 Certificate of veterinary inspection
9-10-49 Requirement for consignment for public livestock markets
9-10-50 Special sales at irregular intervals
9-10-51 Notice
9-10-52 Occasional livestock sales
9-10-53 Bovine
9-10-54 Poultry
9-10-55 Equidae
9-10-56 Swine
9-10-57 Sheep and goats
9-10-58 Regulatory, inspection, and brand inspection fees
9-10-59 License fees and renewals
Cosmetology, Board of 06-11-2024 View PDF
69-15-6 Application completion and deadlines
69-15-7 Examinations for cosmetic tattoo artists, tattoo artists, or body piercers
69-15-9 Renewal of practitioner licenses
Education, Department of 05-14-2024 View PDF
91-31-35 Graduation requirements
Health and Environment, Department of 05-16-2024 View PDF
28-45-2a Definitions
28-45-3a Permit required
28-45-4a Well conversions and reentry
28-45-5a Storage facility permit application; renewal
28-45-6a Storage well and cavern permitting requirements
28-45-7a Public notice
28-45-8a Transfer and modification of a facility permit
28-45-9a Signatory authority
28-45-10a Sitting requirements for a storage facility or storage well and cavern
28-45-11a Financial assurance for storage facility closure
28-45-12 Operations and maintenance plan
28-45-13 Emergency response plan; safety and security measures
28-45-14 Storage well and cavern construction requirements
28-45-15 Storage well and cavern operation and notification requirements
28-45-16 Storage well and cavern monitoring
28-45-17 Mechanical integrity test; casing evaluations
28-45-18 Groundwater monitoring
28-45-19 Records; retention
28-45-20 Workovers
28-45-21 Plugged and abandoned storage well
28-45-22 Storage facility fees
28-45-23 Brine pond; permitting requirements
28-45-24 Revocation
28-45-25 Revocation
28-45-26 Revocation
28-45-27 Revocation
28-45-28 Brine pond; construction requirements
28-45-29 Revocation
28-45-30 Brine pond decommissioning and abandonment
28-45-31 Variances
28-45b-1 Revocation
28-45b-2 Revocation
28-45b-3 Revocation
28-45b-4 Revocation
28-45b-5 Revocation
28-45b-6 Revocation
28-45b-7 Revocation
28-45b-8 Revocation
28-45b-9 Revocation
28-45b-10 Revocation
28-45b-11 Revocation
28-45b-12 Revocation
28-45b-13 Revocation
28-45b-14 Revocation
28-45b-15 Revocation
28-45b-16 Revocation
28-45b-17 Revocation
28-45b-18 Revocation
28-45b-19 Revocation
28-45b-20 Revocation
28-45b-21 Revocation
28-45b-22 Revocation
28-45b-23 Revocation
28-45b-24 Revocation
28-45b-25 Revocation
28-45b-26 Revocation
28-45b-27 Revocation
28-45b-28 Revocation
Health and Environment, Department of 06-04-2024 View PDF
28-4-113 Definitions
28-4-114 Applicant; licensee
28-4-114a Initial and ongoing professional development training
28-4-115 Facility
28-4-116 Daily care of children
28-4-116a Napping and sleeping
28-4-117 Health care requirements for children under 16 years of age and recordkeeping
28-4-118 Reporting suspected child abuse or neglect
28-4-122 Requirements and definitions for general regulations
28-4-123 Parental access
28-4-124 Parental permission for children to go off-premises
28-4-126 Health of individuals at least 16 years of age
28-4-127 Telephone; emergency medical treatment; reporting requirements
28-4-128 Safety and emergency procedures
28-4-129 Swimming and wading activities
28-4-130 Transportation
28-4-131 Animals
28-4-132 Child care practices
28-4-133 Reporting critical incidents
28-4-420 Definitions
28-4-421 Terms of temporary permit or license
28-4-422 Applicant requirements; exclusions; application process; amended license; renewal; exceptions; advertising
28-4-423 Physical plant
28-4-426 Administration
28-4-427 Program
28-4-428 Staff requirements
28-4-428a Education and training requirements
28-4-429 Staff qualifications
28-4-430 Health practices; illness and abuse; general health requirements for staff
28-4-434 Preschools
28-4-435 Programs serving children with special health care needs and disabilities
28-4-436 Child care centers: napping and sleeping
28-4-437 Child care centers: outside area
28-4-438 Child care centers: program
28-4-439 Child care centers: food service
28-4-440 Programs serving infants and toddlers
28-4-441 Programs serving school-age children
28-4-442 Revocation
Insurance Department 05-22-2024 View PDF
40-1-36 Life and health insurance applications; underwriting; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS); definitions
40-4-29a Revocation
40-8-7 Excess lines insurance; agents; submission of affidavit required
Revenue, Department of 05-24-2024 View PDF
92-3-7 Revocation
92-3-10 Revocation
92-3-11 Revocation
92-3-12a Revocation
92-3-14 Revocation
92-3-19 Revocation
Revenue, Department of 05-24-2024 View PDF
92-5-9 Redemption of unused stamps
92-5-10 Cigarettes unfit for sale
Secretary of State 05-07-2024 View PDF
6-1-1 Direct expenses
6-1-2 Indirect costs
7-21-1 Storage of voting equipment
7-21-2 Voting equipment security
7-23-2 Registration records
7-23-4 Notice of places and dates of registration
7-24-2 Chain of custody documents
7-25-1 Certification
7-26-1 Certificate of nomination
7-26-2 Certificate of election
7-27-1 Maintenance of party affiliation lists
7-28-1 Determination
7-36-1 Absentee and advance voting ballot envelopes
7-36-2 Advance voting voter; classification as permanent
7-36-3 Advance voting voter; assistance
7-36-6 Advance voting list with voting place
7-38-1 National voter registration act; systematic list maintenance; national change of address files
7-47-1 Postelection audit implementation
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 06-20-2024 View PDF
115-7-9 Weigh-in black bass fishing tournaments
115-7-10 Fishing; special provisions
115-17-3 Commercial fish bait permit; requirement, application, and general provisions
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 06-20-2024 View PDF
115-7-3 Fish; taking and use of baitfish or minnows