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Publications iconProposed Permanent Kansas Administrative Regulations

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This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Emergency Medical Services Board 08-27-2024 View PDF
109-3-2 Revocation
109-6-1 Revocation
109-6-2 Renewal of EMS provider certificate
109-7-1 Schedule of fees
109-8-1 Examination
109-8-2 Scheduling examinations for certification
109-11-1a Emergency medical responder (EMR) course approval
109-11-3a Emergency medical technician (EMT) course approval
109-11-4a Advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT) course approval
109-11-6a Paramedic course approval
109-15-2 Recognition of non-Kansas credentials
109-15-3 EMS provider certification
109-17-4 Sponsoring organization; continuing education
Healing Arts, State Board of 08-28-2024 View PDF
100-1-1 Seals
100-2-2 Term
100-2-3 President; duties
100-2-4 Vice-president; duties
100-3-1 Revocation
100-4-1 Causes
100-4-2 Filling
100-5-1 Meetings
100-5-2 Special meetings
Health and Environment, Department of 09-17-2024 View PDF
28-15-35 Definitions
28-15-35a Certification requirements
28-15-35b Application for certification or certification renewal
28-15-35c Assessment
28-15-35d Proficiency testing
28-15-35e Notification of certification
28-15-35f Denial, suspension, or revocation of certification
28-15-35g Secondary certification
28-15-35h Mobile laboratories
28-15-35i Withdrawal of certification
28-15-35j Changes in legal status, ownership, or location of a certified laboratory
28-15-36 Requirements for accreditation of laboratories other than field laboratories
28-15-36a Requirements for field laboratory certification
28-15-37 Accreditation fees
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 08-29-2024 View PDF
115-30-4 Fire extinguishers; requirements