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Publications iconProposed Permanent Kansas Administrative Regulations

This is a listing of proposed permanent regulations currently open for comment with a Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Kansas Administrative Regulations on file with the Secretary of State and published in the Kansas Register.

Click on the pdf to view the notice of hearing, proposed permanent regulations, and economic impact statements, and to email comments on any of the proposed regulations. Your comments will be emailed to the agency administering the regulations. Please indicate the number of the regulation on which you wish to comment and include your contact information. For more information, return to the Main K.A.R. page or check out the FAQ page.

Agency Hearing Date Hearing Notice
Agriculture, Kansas Department of 10-19-2023 View PDF
4-2-1 Labeling prohibitions
4-2-8a Definition of noxious weed seed
4-2-8b Official analysis
4-2-9a Restricted weed seeds
4-2-9b Prohibited weed seeds
4-2-14 Seed offered for sale
Agriculture, Kansas Department of 11-02-2023 View PDF
4-7-716 Adoption by reference
Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board 10-03-2023 View PDF
102-1-13 Fees
102-2-3 Fees
102-3-2 Fees
102-4-2 Fees
102-5-2 Fees
102-7-2 Fees
Emergency Medical Services, Board of 10-05-2023 View PDF
109-1-1 Definitions
109-5-1 Continuing education
109-5-1e Revocation
109-6-2 Renewal of EMS provider certificate
109-7-1 Schedule of fees
109-8-1 Examination
109-9-1 Revocation
109-9-4 Revocation
109-10-1e Revocation
109-10-4 Student transfers
109-11-7 Revocation
109-11-8 Successful completion of a course of instruction
109-16-1 Graduated sanctions
Emergency Medical Services, Board of 11-14-2023 View PDF
109-2-2 Application for ambulance service permit and ambulance license; permit renewal and license renewal
Health and Environment, Department of 10-25-2023 View PDF
28-14-2 Schedule of fees
Health and Environment, Department of 11-14-2023 View PDF
28-34-145 Definitions
28-34-146 Application process
28-34-147 Licensing procedure; renewals
28-34-148 Terms of a license; amendments
28-34-149 Rural emergency hospital services
28-34-150 Conditions of participation
28-34-151 Construction standards
28-34-152 Laboratory services
Health Care Finance, Div of-Department of Health and Environment 10-04-2023 View PDF
129-6-86 Poverty-level, low-income, and expanded low-income medicare beneficiaries; determined eligibles
Kansas Bureau of Investigation 10-27-2023 View PDF
10-21-1 Definitions
10-21-3 Procedural compatibility with the FBI
10-21-4 Expungement
10-21-5 Maintenance
10-21-6 Collection of samples for DNA databank
Optometry, State Board of Examiners in 10-18-2023 View PDF
65-4-4 Notice to board
65-5-4 Approved schools or colleges of optometry
Pharmacy, Board of 09-28-2023 View PDF
68-20-32 8-bromo-6-(2-fluorophenyl)-1-methyl-4H-benzo[f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepine included in schedule I
Pharmacy, Board of 09-28-2023 View PDF
68-2-24 Pharmacy owner responsibilities
68-7-26 Remote practice of pharmacy
68-20-23 Revocation
68-20-31 Revocation
Revenue, Department of 11-08-2023 View PDF
92-19-200 Revocation
92-19-201 Revocation
92-19-202 Revocation
92-19-203 Revocation
Secretary of State 11-20-2023 View PDF
7-43-7 Definitions
7-43-8 Notary public authorization with respect to notarial acts for electronic records and for remotely located individuals
7-43-12 Renewal of notary public commission
7-43-13 Stamping device; official stamp for a tangible record
7-43-14 Official stamp for an electronic record
7-43-15 Notary public's journal
7-43-17 Short form notarial certificates; statement for notarial act for a remotely located individual
7-43-18 Standards for identity verification of a remotely located individual
7-43-19 Security of records bearing a notarial certificate
7-43-20 Notarial acts for remotely located individuals
7-43-22 Notarial acts for remotely located individuals; providers of communication technology
Technical Professions, Board of 12-08-2023 View PDF
66-9-5 Surveying curriculum approved by the board
Technical Professions, Board of 12-08-2023 View PDF
66-14-1 Requirements
Wildlife and Parks, Department of 11-30-2023 View PDF
115-2-1 Amount of fees