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Publications iconSession Laws of Kansas

The Session Laws of Kansas contain all acts passed during each session of the Legislature (Bills), as well as vetoes and certain other messages from the governor, certain concurrent resolutions, executive reorganization orders, directories of certain officials and a list of statutes repealed and amended by the Legislature.

The Sessions Laws of Kansas are published on July 1 each year. Bills may take effect:

  • Upon publication in the statute book (July 1).
  • Upon publication in the Kansas Register (if so specified in the bill).
  • On a date specified in the bill.

For more information about the Session Laws of Kansas, check out the FAQ page or contact the Administrative Regulations and Publications Director at 785-296-0082 or

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Session Laws Chapter/Bill No. Enrolled
Date *
Chapter 1: Senate Bill 15 PDF icon 2/8/2024 Kansas Register 2/15/2024

To view Session Laws for years 2011 through 2023, use the link below.

Session Laws of Kansas Archive