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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 42 - Issue 14 - April 6, 2023

State of Kansas

Department of Health and Environment

Notice Concerning Kansas/Federal Water Pollution Control Permits and Applications

In accordance with Kansas Administrative Regulations 28-16-57a through 63, 28-18-1 through 17, 28-18a-1 through 31 and 33, 28-16-150 through 154, 28-46-7, and the authority vested with the state by the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, various draft water pollution control documents (permits, notices to revoke and reissue, notices to terminate) have been prepared and/or permit applications have been received for discharges to waters of the United States and the state of Kansas for the class of discharges described below.

The proposed actions concerning the draft documents are based on staff review, applying the appropriate standards, regulations, and effluent limitations of the state of Kansas and the Environmental Protection Agency. The final action will result in a Federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Authorization and/or a Kansas Water Pollution Control permit being issued, subject to certain conditions, revocation, and reissuance of the designated permit or termination of the designated permit.

Public Notice No. KS-AG-23-076/077

Pending Permits for Confined Feeding Facilities

Name and Address
of Applicant
Legal Description Receiving Water
Burkdoll Brothers, Inc.
3939 Ellis Rd.
Rantoul, KS 66079
S/2 of Section 24 &
N/2 of Section 25
T18S, R20E
Franklin County
Marais Des Cygnes River Basin
Kansas Permit No. A-MCFR-H002
Federal Permit No. KS0092550
The proposed action is to approve an update to the Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) received for this existing facility currently permitted for 8,400 head (3,360 animal units) of swine weighing more than 55 pounds and 2,800 head (2,800 animal units) of cattle weighing more than 700 pounds; for a total of 6,160 animal units of livestock. The facility’s NMP was updated to include a change in the application rate limitation for their fields. One of the fields application rate limitation has become less restrictive than the previous NMP. There are no changes to the permit or in the permitted number of animal units. Only the updated portion of the Nutrient Management Plan is subject to comment. This facility has an approved Nutrient Management Plan on file with KDHE.
Name and Address
of Applicant
Legal Description Receiving Water
Golden Belt Feeders, Inc.
Kyle Kaiser
1149 NW 10th Ave.
St John, KS 67576
Parts of Sections 17, 19, 20 &
Parts of Sections 21 & 28
T22S, R13W
Stafford County
Upper Arkansas River Basin
Kansas Permit No. A-ARSF-C001
Federal Permit No. KS0115240
The proposed action is to approve an update to the Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) received for this existing facility currently permitted for 29,000 head (29,000 animal units) of cattle weighing greater than 700 pounds. The facility’s NMP was updated to include changes in the application rate limitations for their fields. The fields’ application rate limitations for 29 fields have become less restrictive than the previous NMP. There are no changes to the permit or in the permitted number of animal units. Only the updated portion of the Nutrient Management Plan is subject to comment. This facility has an approved Nutrient Management Plan on file with KDHE.

Notice of Intent to Terminate

Pursuant to the requirements of K.A.R. 28-16-60 and K.A.R. 28-16-62, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) hereby provides notice of intent to terminate the following KDHE-issued permits.

Permit Number Project/Site Name City County
G-AR06-0003 Waste Connections of Arkansas City Arkansas City Cowley
G-LR03-0004 Haarslev Industries, Inc. Belleville Republic
G-SH04-0001 Blixt Landfill, Inc. Chapman Dickinson
G-AR25-0001 D-J Extruding Conway Springs Sumner
G-UA11-0002 Northend–Dodge City Hauling Dodge City Ford
G-MC08-0004 Services, LLC–MKC4 Edgerton Johnson
G-NE24-0014 Emporia Pet Products, Inc. Emporia Lyon
G-NE25-0001 Dual Hauling Erie Neosho
G-LR15-0005 Corvias Maintenance (Ft .Riley) Fort Riley Geary
G-VE18-0002 R.K. Steel, Inc. Fredonia Wilson
G-KS23-0006 Varco Auto Parts, LLC Holton Jackson
G-MO25-0009 Con-Way Freight–XKC Kansas City Wyandotte
G-KS27-0040 Pro Pet, LLC Kansas City Wyandotte
G-MO25-0015 Specchem, LLC Kansas City Wyandotte
G-KS31-0006 Grandstand Glassware & Apparel Lawrence Douglas
G-KS34-0010 Magnum Products Lenexa Johnson
G-LA13-0009 Doug Bradley Trucking–915 S Spencer Newton Harvey
G-LA13-0010 Kustom Karriers, LLC–1450 S. Spencer Rd. Newton Harvey
G-KS52-0012 Eskridge, inc. Olathe Johnson
G-NE52-0001 Schreiner Energies, Inc. (FKAMurphy Oil) Olpe Lyon
G-MC31-0005 Franklin Co Public Works Ottawa Franklin
G-MO28-0007 Petermann–Blue Valley, KS Overland Park Johnson
G-NE55-0005 CST Industries DBA CST Storage Parsons Labette
G-AR73-0001 Basic Energy Services, LP Pratt Pratt
G-AR73-0007 Pratt County Landfill Pratt Pratt
G-CI19-0002 Western Marketing Rolla Facility Rolla Morton
G-SH33-0016 Great Plains Manufacturing–CE Site Salina Saline
G-SA20-0009 Salina Concrete Products Salina Saline
G-AR92-0008 Wellington WTP (New) Sumner Sumner
G-UA39-0001 Hamilton County Landfill Syracuse Hamilton
G-KS72-0006 Target Distribution T3803 Topeka Shawnee
G-CI22-0001 Collectia Hauling Ulysses Grant
G-MO23-0002 Doniphan County Transfer Station Wathena Doniphan
G-AR92-0001 TECT Aerospace (102 Hillside) Wellington Sumner
G-AR92-0002 TECT Aerospace (1515 North A St.) Wellington Sumner
G-AR94-0136 Air Capital Flight Line Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0108 Bevan-Rabell, Inc. Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0005 Cornejo C & D Landfill Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0139 Metal Pros, Llc Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0014 The Coleman Company (Wichita) Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0011 Wichita Hauling Company Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0010 Wichita Recycling Center Wichita Sedgwick
G-AR94-0009 Wichita Transfer Station Wichita Sedgwick
S-MC13-0024 59-2 KA-4812-02 Garnett Anderson
S-MO01-0066 King Fisher To Cheyenne to Walnut 115 KV Transmission Line Project Atchison Atchison
S-MO01-0064 Shannon Park Laydown Yard Project Atchison Atchison
S-AR65-0004 Flat Ridge I Wind Farm Nashville Barber
S-MC11-0006 Industrial Landfill Expansion Unknown Bourbon
S-WA09-0108 BNSF 2MT Aikman to El Dorado El Dorado Butler
S-WA05-0005 Burns Substation Burns Butler
S-WA03-0049 KDOT 54-8 KA-3884-01 Unknown Butler
S-WA01-0095 Nustar Andover Replacement Project Andover Butler
S-WA09-0101 Oil Hill Road and Rocky Road Paving Improvements El Dorado Butler
S-WA13-0010 Sunrise Addition Rose Hill Butler
S-NE16-0014 Cottonwood River C112 Cottonwood Falls Chase
S-VE33-0012 Line 69.69; Sedan to Elk Tap Transmission Line Unknown Chautauqua
S-LR05-0027 Glavan Ford Clay Center Clay
S-AR06-0018 Compass Point Addition Arkansas City Cowley
S-WA17-0054 Stonebrook Addition PH 1 Winfield Cowley
S-WA17-0056 Winfielld Fire Station 190198-000 Winfield Cowley
S-NE12-0008 Bruce Mining & Smelting Cherokee Crawford
S-NE57-0104 Payton’s Hamlet Pittsburg Crawford
S-UR07-0003 123-20 KA-5569-01 Dresden Decatur
S-UR17-0029 Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Oberlin Decatur
S-KS31-0362 Bauer Farm Multi-Family Unknown Douglas
S-KS31-0433 DCCCA Property Development Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0432 Fairfield Farms Apartments Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0252 Fairfield Farms East Addition No 3 & 4 Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0399 Famfrough Drive Relocation Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0448 Grandstand Glassware & Apparel Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0457 Home Sweet Home Dog Resort Lawrencw Douglas
S-KS31-0466 Kansas River Recreation & Access Project Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0464 Kasold Drive Reconstruction (Clinton Pkwy to 22nd St) Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0330 Langston Commons Lawrence Douglas
S-KS31-0389 Naismith Creek Addition Lawrence Douglas
S-MC31-0085 Ottawa Storage Ottawa Douglas
S-KS31-0451 Quiktrip Store No. 0268 Lawrence Douglas
S-AR10-0002 Trousdale KS West Rectangle Pile Pad Belpre Edwards
S-SH16-0099 Avid Hotel Hays Ellis
S-SH16-0083 Garden City Wholesale Facility Hays Ellis
S-SH16-0058 Goodman Energy Center Expansion Project Hays Ellis
S-SH16-0106 Tommy’s Car Wash Hays Ellis
S-AR46-0002 Holyrood STF Improvements 2018 Holyrood Ellsworth
S-UA14-0105 Chappel Heights Unit II Unknown Finney
S-UA14-0160 Northborough Second Addition–Phase I Garden City Finney
S-UA14-0086 Prairie View Acres Garden City Finney
S-UA14-0146 The Hamptons–Phase Three Garden City Finney
S-UA11-0130 Dodge City Regional Airport–Reconstruct Runway 14-32 Dodge City Ford
S-UA11-0139 Dodge City Regional Airport Reconstruct Runway 14-32 Plant Site Dodge City Ford
S-UA38-0019 Spearville Ballfield Spearville Ford
S-MC31-0119 Dick Peters Sports Complex Ottawa Franklin
S-MC31-0118 Heartland Single Family Development Ottawa Franklin
S-MC31-0105 Proximity Park-Detent & Site Grading Ottawa Franklin
S-MC31-0104 Proximity Park-Kingman & Montana Rd Ottawa Franklin
S-MC31-0102 Rock Creek Business Development Park Unknown Franklin
S-SH45-0068 ABC Supply Company Expansion Junction City Geary
S-LR15-0029 Deer Trail Addition Unit No. 1 Junction City Geary
S-SH04-0023 Geary County to Chapman Junction Transmission Line Project Unknown Geary
S-LR15-0095 McDonald’s Rebuild Junction City Geary
S-CI14-0013 North Ground Pile Pad Expansion Montezuma Gray
S-VE16-0009 Eureka US-54 Pavement Replacement Eureka Greenwood
S-LA02-0009 West Harvey Substation Burrton Harvey
S-KS43-0007 Cooks Ford Substation Meriden Jefferson
S-MO14-0241 119th Street and Pflumm Apartments Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0548 151st Street Bridge Over the Blue River Overland Park Johnson
S-MC08-0073 207th Street and Waverly Road Edgerton Johnson
S-MO28-0483 82 Metcalf Overland Park Johnson
S-KS20-0008 Aspen Creek Gardner Johnson
S-MO14-0266 Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Olathe Johnson
S-KS68-0398 Beaver Farms Shawnee Johnson
S-MO28-0503 Belfonte Car Wash Overland Park Johnson
S-MC08-0074 Big Bull Creek Phase II Gravity Sewer Improvements Edgerton Johnson
S-KS52-0522 Blue River Estates Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0545 Blue Valley Elementary #24 Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0538 Blue Valley High School Addition Overland Park Johnson
S-MO14-0212 Boulder Hills 1st Plat Olathe Johnson
S-KS12-0052 Burger King Restaurant De Soto Johnson
S-KS12-0066 Carriage Houses De Soto Johnson
S-KS68-0419 Cedar Mill 04 Pump Station and Force Main Shawnee Johnson
S-KS52-0541 Cedar Ridge Reserve, Second Plat Olathe Johnson
S-KS34-0047 Cedarcrest Unknown Johnson
S-KS61-0029 Chadwick Court Prairie Village Johnson
S-KS55-0341 Chapel Hill, Fifth Plat Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0515 Children’s Mercy KC Overland Park Johnson
S-KS52-0559 Church of the Resurrection West–Phase III Olathe Johnson
S-KS20-0111 Copper Springs III Gardner Johnson
S-KS20-0114 Copper Springs IV Gardner Johnson
S-MO28-0423 Coventry Valley, First Plat Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0479 Coventry Valley, Third Plat Overland Park Johnson
S-KS34-0420 DKS 3–Delivery Station Lenexa Johnson
S-MO27-0105 Dyke’s Branch Pump Station, Contract 7 Force Main Replacement Leawood Johnson
S-MO28-0468 Edgewater Place Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0528 Estates of Nottingham Farm Overland Park Johnson
S-KS68-0246 Frisbie Dredge Pit Shawnee Johnson
S-MO28-0499 Galleria Overland Pak Johnson
S-KS68-0386 Gleason Substation Shawnee Johnson
S-MO28-0491 Goddard School (Stonepost) Overaland Park Johnson
S-KS55-0149 Haven at the Wilderness–3rd Plat Overland Park Johnson
S-KS61-0019 Homestead Estates Prairie Village Johnson
S-MC08-0067 Inland Port VII Edgerton Johnson
S-MC08-0041 Inland Port XIV Edgerton Johnson
S-KS12-0046 Jake’s Fireworks De Soto Johnson
S-KS52-0567 Kiddie Kollege South Olathe Johnson
S-MO27-0104 Leawood Medical Spa Leawood Johnson
S-KS52-0503 Lone Elm Commerce Center–Building 1 Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0529 Longhorn Steakhouse Overland Park Johnson
S-KS52-0659 Mahaffie Storage Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0513 Menorah Medical Center Bed Tower Expansion Overland Park Johnson
S-KS20-0089 Midwest Commerce Center, Phase II Gardner Johnson
S-KS34-0398 Midwest Sikh Gurudwara Lenexa Johnson
S-KS12-0060 Mill Creek Rifle Club, Law Enforcement Firing Range Additions De Soto Johnson
S-KS52-0447 Mill Creek Stormwater Improvements & Harold Street Arterial Mill & Overlay Unknown Johnson
S-KS68-0378 Nieman Road Reconstruction Shawnee Johnson
S-MO30-0025 Oak View Sgtroage Lenexa Johnson
S-KS55-0249 Panera and Freddy’s Unknown Johnson
S-KS68-0287 Prairie Pines Townhomes Unknown Johnson
S-MO28-0174 Prairiefire at Lionsgate Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0498 Premier Volvo Overland Park Johnson
S-KS68-0381 Project MP-21502 Northwest RPA Elevated Tank Shawnee Johnson
S-KS20-0061 Quail Meadows Unknown Johnson
S-KS20-0125 Quail Meadows II Gardner Johnson
S-MO28-0542 Quik Trip Store No. 0220 Overland Park Johnson
S-KS44-0568 Reed Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep Merriam Johnson
S-MO30-0034 Reed Collision Center Lenexa Johnson
S-KS34-0111 Reserve 7th Plat, The Lenexa Johnson
S-KS52-0191 Reserve at Shadow Lake–3rd & 4th Plat Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0494 Shamrock Trading Corporate HQ Campus Overland Park Johnson
S-KS34-0395 Sonoma Plaza–Future Lots 10 & 11 Lenexa Johnson
S-KS55-0373 Southpointe, Fifth Plat Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0506 Springhill Suites Overland Park Overland Park Johnson
S-KS52-0500 St. Paul’s Catholic Church Olathe Johnson
S-KS63-0011 Sunflower Medical Roeland Park Johnson
S-MC45-0083 Sunrise at Timber Ridge Spring Hill Johnson
S-KS20-0132 Symphony Farms IV Gardner Johnson
S-MO28-0297 tallgrass creek–RB 1.4 & RB 1.5 expansion Unknown Johnson
S-KS68-0272 TD-12006 8-Inch Main Project Unknown Johnson
S-KS34-0336 The District at City Center–Phase I Lenexa Johnson
S-MO28-0400 The Gables Assisted Living Addition Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0524 The Jewish Community Center Overland Park Johnson
S-MO28-0492 The Learning Experience Overland Park Johnson
S-KS34-0342 The Pointe at Sonoma Lenexa Johnson
S-KS34-0107 The Timbers at Clear Creek, 3rd Plat Unknown Johnson
S-KS34-0315 The Timbers at Clear Creek, Fifth Plat Lenexa Johnson
S-KS34-0381 The Timbers at Clear Creek, Seventh Plat Lenexa Johnson
S-KS34-0359 The Timbers at Clear Creek, Sixth Plat Lenexa Johnson
S-KS52-0558 Travanse Independent Senior Living Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0525 Triple Creek Farm Overland Park Johnson
S-MC51-0067 Tuscan Farm 1st Plat Gardner Johnson
S-KS12-0059 Waverly Estates De Soto Johnson
S-MC51-0063 Waverly Plaza Gardner Johnson
S-MO14-0255 Willow Crossing, Second Plat Olathe Johnson
S-MO14-0224 Willowbrooke Village–Olathe, KS Olathe Johnson
S-MO28-0532 Wolf Creek Plaza Overland Park Johnson
S-MC45-0115 Woodland Ridge VIII Spring Hill Johnson
S-MO28-0373 Zaxby’s Restaurant Overland Park Johnson
S-NE53-0005 Oswego Community Hospital Oswego Labette
S-MO25-0159 ADM Wolcott Facility Unknown Leavenworth
S-KS04-0054 Cedar Falls Basehor Leavenworth
S-KS04-0095 Eagle Crossing Basehor Leavenworth
S-MO11-0063 Eisenhower Crossing Phase 2 Lansing Leavenworth
S-KS71-0059 Jaggard to Tonganoxie, Phases 1-3 Tonganoxie Leavenworth
S-MO11-0070 Pride Estate–Lynn Road Lansing Leavenworth
S-MO11-0067 Quiktrip Stone No. 0188 Lansing Leavenworth
S-KS36-0006 Suburban Water Treatment Plant Linwood Leavenworth
S-KS04-0017 The Fairways of Falcon Lake Villas Unknown Leavenworth
S-KS71-0009 Timber Hills–Phase I Unknown Leavenworth
S-KS71-0060 Tonganoxie Public Library Unknown Leavenworth
S-MO12-0177 Westar Stranger Creek Substation Expansion Leavenworth Leavenworth
S-MC18-0021 Alternative Cover Design Test Site Upper AQC Impoundment Project La Cygne Linn
S-NE24-0104 Cottonwood River C100 Streambank Stabilization Project Cottonwood Lyon
S-NE24-0103 Cottonwood River C102 Streambank Stabilization Project Emporia Lyon
S-NE24-0093 Panda Express–Emporia Emporia Lyon
S-BB13-0038 Union Pacific–Marysville, KS Former Fueling Facility Marysville Marshall
S-LA11-0161 McPherson Climate Pro Line 124 McPherson McPherson
S-LA11-0147 Viega Logistics Facility McPherson McPherson
S-LA11-0130 Viega Propress II McPherson McPherson
S-CI16-0003 KDOT 60 TE-0296-01-Grant Ave Streetscap Plains Meade
S-MC20-0051 Louisburg Football Field Louisburg Miami
S-MC20-0032 Prairie Crossings of Louisburg-PH. 2 Louisburg Miami
S-VE23-0042 KS Department Of Children and Families Independence Montgomery
S-VE09-0056 Linden Street Construction Area Coffeyville Montgomery
S-VE23-0041 Peter Pan Rd. Extension Independence Montgomery
S-NE17-0018 KDOT Proj. 064 TE-0473-01 Council Grove Morris
S-KS21-0002 Goff Substation Goff Nemaha
S-NE29-0006 Neosho Ridge Wind Project Galesburg Neosho
S-NE55-0063 Neosho Ridge Wind, LLC Parsons Neosho
S-SO13-0004 KA-3094-01 (Densmore) Densmore Norton
S-KS38-0385 Limerick Lane Improvements Manhattan Pottawatomie
S-KS38-0328 Menards Warehouse Expansion Manhattan Pottawatomie
S-KS37-0002 Northern Estates Subdivision Unknown Pottawatomie
S-KS38-0318 Panda Express, Manhattan, Kansas Manhattan Pottawatomie
S-KS66-0029 Riverview Hills, Unit Three, Phase Two and Unit Four, Phase One St George Pottawatomie
S-KS66-0032 Rockenham Woods St George Pottawatomie
S-AR26-0001 ADM Cullison Remediation And Ground Pile Pad Unknown Pratt
S-AR49-0194 HRMC Annex Clinic Hutchinson Reno
S-AR49-0196 KCI Industrial Building Hutchinson Reno
S-AR49-0080 Wind Energy Casting III Inc. Hutchinson Reno
S-LR12-0003 Jamestown W.A. Gamekeeper Marsh Boat Ramp Jamestown Republic
S-LR15-0103 Covered Storage Facility Fort Riley Riley
S-KS38-0159 Lot 8 Manhattan Riley
S-KS38-0372 North Manhattan Ave, Phase 3A Manhattan Riley
S-KS38-0381 St Luke’s Lutheran Church Manhattan Riley
S-SH33-0197 Dean Evans Stadium Field Improvements Salina Saline
S-SH33-0040 Highland Meadows Hamlet Addition Unknown Saline
S-SH33-0182 Interstate District SW of I-70 addition No. 2 Salina Saline
S-SH33-0049 River Run Addition Unknown Saline
S-SA20-0053 River Trail 2nd Addition Salina Saline
S-SH33-0196 Salina South High School Field Improvements Salina Saline
S-SH33-0139 Summit to Elm Creek 345-KV Overhead Transmission Project Unknown Saline
S-SA20-0050 UPRR Yard Office–Salina Unknown Saline
S-AR29-0124 190868-001 Derby Sports Zone–Final Design Derby Sedgwick
S-AR58-0054 45th and 119th Street Intersection Maize Sedgwick
S-AR94-1431 53rd and Oliver Water Line Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR29-0122 71st Street South Bridge Over Spring Creek Derby Sedgwick
S-AR69-0053 85th North Development Unknown Sedgwick
S-AR94-1529 Accent Lighting Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR69-0050 Air Capitol–Industrial Park 4th Addition Park City Sedgwick
S-AR94-1613 AMG Spirit Aerosystems Clinic Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1232 Assembly at Goddard Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1569 Boot Barn Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1474 Braum’s Fox Ridge Plaza Wichita Sedgwick
S-WA20-0107 Broadmoor Apartments Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA19-0018 Broadway Industrial Park Site Park City Sedgwick
S-AR94-1547 Delano Catalyst Site Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR69-0017 Echo Hills Commercial Park City Sedgwick
S-AR94-1578 Farm 53–Barn Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA16-0064 Fieldcrest Mennonite Housing Valley Center Sedgwick
S-AR69-0047 High Ridge 2nd Addition–Phase 1 Park City Sedgwick
S-AR94-1483 Huddle house Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR22-0013 Indian Lakes Phase I–2nd Addition Unknown Sedgwick
S-AR69-0055 Ironstone Village Addition Park City Sedgwick
S-AR37-0062 Kellogg Drive Relocation for Seasons 2nd Commercial Add. Goddard Sedgwick
S-AR94-0478 Krug South Addition Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1462 KS Food Bank Warehouse Expansion Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-0262 Liberty Park 3rd Unknown Sedgwick
S-LA20-0038 McConnell AFB FY17 Air Traffic Control Tower Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1450 MEDICAL PARK Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1492 Mid Kansas Ear Nose and Throat Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR62-0004 Mt Hope Convenience Store Mt Hope Sedgwick
S-AR94-1658 Nguyen Warehouse Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1588 OJ Watson Park Event Center Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1416 Old Dominion Freight Line Parking Lot Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA20-0056 Open Roads–Webb Business Park Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA20-0064 Open Roads–Webb Business Park (Hayes) Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1538 PRP (SUS) Repplace Base Sidewalks–MAFB Wichita Sedgwick
S-WA20-0106 Redbud Bike Path K-96 To 159th St. East Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR29-0099 Rock Hospital Unknown Sedgwick
S-AR94-1676 Sandpiper Bay Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA16-0053 Sedgwick County RWD NO. 2 NW Expansion Valley Center Sedgwick
S-AR94-1548 Site Improvements to Serve CNL Medical Center Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1430 Spinnaker Cove Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR35-0009 Spring Acres Estates Unknown Sedgwick
S-AR94-0636 Stone Post Farms–PH. 2 Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1564 Student Housing on 17th Street Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA20-0047 Summit crossing 2nd Add. Drainage Improv. Unknown Sedgwick
S-LA23-0029 Sunflower Commerce Park 2nd Plat–Detention Pond Bel Aire Sedgwick
S-LA20-0063 Swat Garage Addition Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1533 Swings Golf Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1609 Trinity Precision Building Expansion Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA20-0023 TRU Hotel at Plazzio Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-0235 Turkey Creek Addition Unknown Sedgwick
S-AR94-1598 TXTAV B46 Paintbooth Addition Design Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1667 Tyler’s Landing Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR24-0017 Union Park 2nd Addition Colwich Sedgwick
S-AR94-1532 University Gardens Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1583 Waco Substation Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1614 West Kellogg Self Storage Wichita Sedgwick
S-LA20-0061 Wheatridge Addition Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-0761 Wichita Fire Training Academy Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1267 WSU–Innovation Campus Infrastructure Unknown Sedgwick
S-AR94-1602 WSU–PB3 Parking Expansion Wichita Sedgwick
S-AR94-1625 WSU–PB7 Wichita Sedgwick
S-CI10-0066 Liberal WWTF Force Main Liberal Seward
S-KS72-0656 Aldi, North Topeka Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0581 Aqua Blast Laundry Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0645 BNSF Railway Bridge 7102-53.9 Replacement Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0614 Chesney Park, T-841017.60 Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0652 Chesney Park, T-841017.88 Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0650 City of Topeka Infill Sidewalk Project Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0631 East Topeka Dental Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0682 Highway 24 Storage Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0657 Kansas Avenue Trafficway Improvement Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0587 Kay’s Garden + Zoo/Gage Park Drainage and Parking Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0279 McFarland Farm Sub. #4-Site Development Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0668 Midland Care Connection, Inc. Facility Expansion Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0633 Noller Truck Center Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0627 Pioneer Midtown Homes–Apartments Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0636 Sherwood Crossings Phase 1 Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0643 SW 10th Avenue from Wanamaker Road to Fairlawn Road Unknown Shawnee
S-KS72-0662 SW 8th & Western to SW 5th & Polk Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0566 T-701014.00–SW Huntoon (I-470 to Valley View Dr.) Topeka Shawnee
S-KS98-0017 Tecumseh Energy Center Pond Closure Tecumseh Shawnee
S-KS72-0673 Topeka–Montara North Water Tower Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0672 University Vet Topeka Shawnee
S-KS72-0669 Wesleyan Church Site Plan Topeka Shawnee
S-SO20-0026 U024-090 KA 3248-01 Unknown Sheridan
S-UR09-0030 Goodland Waterline Improvements PH II Unknown Sherman
S-SO09-0003 KA-3100-01 Cedar Smith
S-AR09-0009 KA-3108-01 Belle Plaine Sumner
S-AR92-0040 Slate Creek Wind Project Wellington Sumner
S-KS41-0004 Plaza on the Flint Hills McFarland Wabaunsee
S-KS27-0273 Barber to Rosedale 161-KV Transmission Line Project Kansas City Wyandotte
S-MO25-0112 Canaan Lakes Subdivision Kansas City Wyandotte
S-MO25-0140 Carl B Bruce Middle School Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0012 Delaware Ridge Unknown Wyandotte
S-KS27-0071 Escalade heights dev. Co., Inc. Kansas City Wyandotte
S-MO25-0138 Family Tree Nursery–North Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0312 Final Replat of Precision Kasnas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0286 Home City Ice Kansas City Wyandotte
S-MO25-0164 Homefield Kansas City Wyandotte
S-MO25-0144 Kansas Board of Public Utilities Rosedale Substation Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0299 KC Brick Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0216 LG Everist–West Parcel Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0304 Martz Bros Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0291 McDonald’s Rebuild, KC, 7th and Kansas Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS59-0003 Piper Creek Regional Sanitary Improvements Piper Wyandotte
S-KS27-0303 Rose Property Maintenance Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0275 Rosedale to Armourdale 161-KV Transmission Line Project Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0289 Scavuzzo’s Food Service Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0087 Schlitterbahn Vacation Village Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0217 Shlitterbahn North Retail Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0226 Stony Point Phase 2 Unknown Wyandotte
S-KS27-0233 Twin Traffic Sup Kansas City Wyandotte
S-MO25-0128 Victory Jeep–Legends Auto Mall Lot 8A Kansas City Wyandotte
S-KS27-0314 VS Services Trucking Warehouse Kansas City Wyandotte
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Persons wishing to comment on or object to the draft documents and/or permit applications must submit their comments in writing to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) if they wish to have the comments or objections considered in the decision-making process. All written comments regarding the draft documents, application or registration notices received on or before May 6, 2023, will be considered in the formulation of the final determination regarding this public notice. Please refer to the appropriate Kansas document number (KS-AG-23-076/077) and name of the applicant/permittee when preparing comments.

All comments received will be responded to at the time the Secretary of Health and Environment issues a determination regarding final agency action on each draft document/application. If response to any draft document/application indicates significant public interest, a public hearing may be held in conformance with K.A.R. 28-16-61 (28-46-21 for UIC). A request for public hearing must be submitted in writing and shall state the nature of the issues proposed to be raised during the hearing.

Comments or objections for agricultural related draft documents, permit applications, registrations or actions should be submitted to the attention of Erich Glave, Director, Bureau of Environmental Field Services (BEFS), 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 430, Topeka, KS 66612. Comments or objections for all other proposed permits or actions should be sent to Michael Beezhold at the KDHE, Bureau of Water, 1000 SW Jackson St., Suite 420, Topeka, KS 66612.

All draft documents/applications and the supporting information including any comments received are on file and may be inspected at the offices of the KDHE. For agricultural related draft documents or applications an appointment can be scheduled, or copies requested by contacting Mirina Landry at 1000 SW Jackson St., Suite 430, Topeka, KS 66612, telephone 785-296-0076 or email at For all other proposed permits or actions an appointment can be scheduled, or copies requested by contacting Neal Niceswanger, Bureau of Water, 1000 SW Jackson St., Suite 420, Topeka, KS 66612, telephone 785-296-6804 or email at These documents are available upon request at the copying cost assessed by KDHE. Application information and components of plans and specifications for all new and expanding swine facilities are available at Division of Environment offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Janet Stanek
Department of Health and Environment

Doc. No. 051012