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Business Services iconUCC Statutes Index

Statute # Subject Issues
84-9-501 Filing Office Where to file (See also 84-9-301(1) & 84-9-307)
84-9-502 Financing Statement Requirement of financing statement
84-9-503 Debtor / Secured party name Required information for debtor name
84-9-504 Collateral Requirement of collateral statement
84-9-505 Alternate Designations Consignments, Leases, Bailments
84-9-506 Minor Errors Effect of minor errors vs. Seriously misleading
84-9-507 Effect of Changes Disposition, information change, name change
84-9-508 New Debtor Test for seriously misleading
84-9-509 Person Entitled to File a record Secured party, other party, debtor termination
84-9-510 Effectiveness of Filed Record Effective only if authorized
84-9-511 Secured Party of Record Original filing, amendment (adding, amending, deleting)
84-9-512 Amendments Requirements of an amendment
84-9-513 Termination Statement Requirement of a secured party
Demand by debtor
Effect of termination
84-9-514 Assignment Initial and Amendment
84-9-515 Duration of filings Financing statement, manufactured-home, transmitting utility
84-9-516 Filing Requirements Reasons for rejection
Improper rejection by filing officer
Tender rule
84-9-517 Effect of Indexing errors Filing is valid even if it can’t be discovered because of filing officer error
84-9-518 Correction Statement May correct wrongfully filed or inaccurate record
Filing Officer Duties
84-9-519 Index system Indexing requirements, File number, real property filings
84-9-520 Acceptance and Refusal Only for reasons in 84-9-516
Communicate time & date document would have been filed
Debtors are each treated separately
84-9-521 Forms National forms
84-9-522 Maintenance of Records Retain one year after lapse
84-9-523 Acknowledgement & Searches Send copy if requested
Standard search -vs.- standard plus lapsed records
Timeliness of filing officer response
Batch data sales
84-9-524 Delay by filing office Exercise of due diligence required
84-9-525 Fees See Regulations
84-9-526 Administrative Regulations Requirement and harmonization
84-9-527 Filing Officer duty to report Filings officer reports to legislature and governor