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Thursday, May 28, 2020

TOPEKA – Secretary of State Scott Schwab reminded partisan candidates running for elected office that they must file by 12:00 (noon) on Monday, June 1, 2020.

“Our office is appreciative that so many candidates have been proactive in submitting their filing documents ahead of the June 1, deadline,” said Secretary of State Scott Schwab. “For those who have yet to file, we are open to the public and look forward to serving you.”

Pursuant to K.S.A. 25-205, candidates must submit their candidate filing documents and requisite fees no later than 12:00, noon, June 1, prior to the primary election. Mailed filings must be received in the Secretary of State’s office by 12:00, noon on June 1. Individuals may pay filing fees by check, credit card, debit card, money order or cash. 12:00 noon on June 1, is also the deadline for a partisan candidate to withdraw as a candidate for the primary election. A candidate may withdraw by submitting a written request, signed and notarized prior to the filing deadline.

12:00, noon, on June 1, is also the deadline for voters to change their party affiliation ahead of the August 4, primary election. Voters can update their affiliation or affiliate with a political party by completing a new voter registration form at their local election office or online at:

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office in Memorial Hall (120 S.W. Tenth, Topeka) is open to the public. In light of COVID-19, social distancing guidelines and sanitizing precautions will be in place to ensure the safety of those in Memorial Hall.

MEDIA NOTES: Members of the media will be provided with space in the lobby of Memorial Hall to interview candidates, file stories and conduct business. The area will include power, work tops and seating. A backdrop and podium will also be available for media use.