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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 34 - August 25, 2022

State of Kansas

Legislative Administrative Services

Interim Committee Schedule

The Legislative Research Department gives notice that the following legislative committees plan to meet on the dates listed below based on current information and subject to change. Requests for accommodation to participate in committee meetings should be made at least two working days in advance of the meeting by contacting Legislative Administrative Services at 785-296-2391 or TTY 711, or email

Date Room Time Committee Agenda
Aug. 23 112-N 9:00 a.m. Special Committee on Mental Health Beds Welcome and introductions; Overview of authorizing legislation; Presentation on mental health needs of South-Central Kansas; Staff presentation on various research documents; Presentation on national trends in psychiatric bed capacity; Remarks on the Kansas Mental Health System and psychiatric beds; Overview of State Institutional alternatives; Presentation on the 2018 and 2019 Mental Health Task Forces; Discussion of topics for future committee meetings.
Aug. 24 112-N 9:00 a.m. Kansas Senior Care Task Force Follow-up to December 2021 Meeting; Review of Workforce Subgroup Working Group report recommendations; Review of Cross-Cutting recommendations; Review of Quality of Care and Protective Services Working Group report recommendation; Review of Access to Services Working Group report recommendations; Preliminary Discussion of Kansas Senior Care Task Force final recommendations.
Aug. 25 112-N 9:00 a.m. Kansas Senior Care Task Force Presentation on HCBS Waivers; Presentation on iLink Technologies; Task Force review of Working Group report recommendations; Discussion and Task Force recommendations for Report to 2023 Legislature.
Aug. 25 548-S 9:00 a.m. Legislative Budget Committee Update on KPERS, NBAF, COVID-19 expenditures, SGF receipts, 24/7 Pay Plan; Presentation on Panasonic agreement; Other budget matters.
Aug. 29 546-S 10:00 a.m. Legislative Post Audit Executive Committee Review Division budget; Post Auditor Evaluation Kickoff.
Aug. 29 112-N 9:00 a.m. Special Committee on Water Review of water programs organization and previous water meetings; Overview of water agencies, aquifer history, water loss prevention, and funding.
Aug. 30 112-N 9:00 a.m. Special Committee on Water Overview of Kansas water laws and financial plan; Discussion of recommendations to the 2023 Legislature.
Aug. 30 582-N 10:00 a.m. Legislative Task Force on Community and Technical College State Funding
Sept. 6 548-S 10:00 a.m. Senate Confirmation Oversight Discussion of Senate confirmations.
Sept. 7 112-N TBD Unemployment Compensation Modernization and Improvement Council

Tom Day, Director
Legislative Administrative Services

Doc. No. 050455