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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 34 - August 25, 2022

State of Kansas

Board of Emergency Medical Services

Permanent Administrative Regulation


109-17-3. Sponsoring organization; initial course of instruction. (a) Any sponsoring organization may conduct an approved initial course of instruction through in-person instruction or distance learning, or a combination of both.

(b) Each sponsoring organization shall provide an enrollment roster listing each student enrolled in the course to the executive director within 20 days of the date of the first scheduled class session.

(c) Each sponsoring organization providing an initial course of instruction shall permit each student and the board access at each scheduled class session for in-person inspection of the course syllabus and all policies or documents addressing the following:

(1) Student evaluation of course;

(2) student attendance;

(3) student discipline;

(4) student and participant safety;

(5) student requirements for successful course completion;

(6) Kansas requirements for certification;

(7) student dress and hygiene;

(8) student progress conferences;

(9) equipment use;

(10) infection control; and

(11) acknowledgement of the commitment to provide the support as defined in the course curriculum from each of the following:

(A) Educational medical director;

(B) ambulance service director for each ambulance service utilized for field training; and

(C) administrator of each medical facility utilized for clinical training.

(d) The course syllabus shall include at least the following information:

(1) A summary of course goals and objectives;

(2) student prerequisites, if any, for admission into the course;

(3) instructional and any other materials required to be purchased by the student;

(4) a description of the clinical and field training requirements, if applicable; and

(5) instructor information, which shall include the following:

(A) Instructor name;

(B) office hours or hours available for consultation; and

(C) instructor electronic-mail address.

(e) Each sponsoring organization providing an initial course of instruction shall provide confirmation of each student’s successful course completion to the board.

(f) Each sponsoring organization shall schedule a psychomotor skills examination for the student’s initial examination as specified in K.A.R. 109-8-2.

(g) Each sponsoring organization shall maintain the following course records for each initial course of instruction for at least three years from the last date of class:

(1) Course syllabus;

(2) all policies or documents addressing the listed items in subsection (c);

(3) student attendance;

(4) student grades;

(5) student conferences;

(6) course curriculum;

(7) lesson plans for all lessons;

(8) clinical training objectives;

(9) field training objectives;

(10) completed clinical and field training preceptor evaluations for each student;

(11) a copy of each student’s psychomotor skills evaluations;

(12) a completed copy of each student’s evaluations of each course, all instructors for the course, and all lab instructors for the course; and

(13) a completed copy of the outcome assessment and outcome analyses tools used for the course that address at least the following:

(A) Each student’s ability to perform competently in a simulated or actual field situation, or both; and

(B) each student’s ability to integrate cognitive and psychomotor skills to appropriately care for sick and injured patients.

(h) Each sponsoring organization providing initial courses of instruction shall maintain an average pass rate of at least 70 percent on the cognitive examination for certification at each level of certification that the sponsoring organization instructs for all first attempts made by the students in the preceding calendar year. Each sponsoring organization that fails to meet or exceed this average pass rate shall submit to the board a plan for ensuring that future first-time cognitive examination pass rates meet or exceed this average no later than March 1.

(i) Any sponsoring organization may allow a student to enroll late in an initial course of instruction upon submitting to the executive director a make-up schedule that includes the provision of educational standards that the late enrollee missed, within seven days of the student’s enrollment.

(j) Each sponsoring organization providing a paramedic initial course of instruction shall provide one of the following:

(1) Evidence that the sponsoring organization has been issued and maintains a current letter-of-review from the committee on accreditation of educational programs for emergency medical services professions; or

(2) evidence that the sponsoring organization holds accreditation from the committee on accreditation of allied health education programs.

(k) Each sponsoring organization shall provide any course documentation requested by the executive director within 30 days of the request.

(l) Violation of any provision of this regulation may subject the sponsoring organization to a civil fine and may result in a suspension of sponsoring organization approval. (Authorized by K.S.A. 2021 Supp. 65-6110; implementing K.S.A. 2021 Supp. 65-6111; effective Dec. 31, 2021; amended Sept. 9, 2022.)

Joseph House
Executive Director

Doc. No. 050456