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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 36 - September 8, 2022

State of Kansas

Department of Administration
Office of Procurement and Contracts

Notice to Bidders

Sealed bids for items listed will be received by the Office of Procurement and Contracts until 2:00 p.m. on the date indicated. For more information, call 785-296-2376.

All bids are to be submitted via email only to For more information, please visit

09/13/2022 EVT0008746 Bunk Beds and Installation
09/19/2022 EVT0008752 Elevator Maintenance – KBI Topeka
09/21/2022 EVT0008750 Plumbing Supplies – Statewide
09/21/2022 EVT0008759 Two – 2023 Ford F-350 XL Super Duty Cab and Chassis
09/22/2022 EVT0008740 Yurts
09/22/2022 EVT0008751 Law Enforcement Helicopter
09/22/2022 EVT0008758 2023 Ford F-350 XL Super Duty Cab and Chassis
09/23/2022 EVT0008756 Insurance, Resident Fund Surety Bond
09/23/2022 EVT0008757 Insurance, Vehicle and Auto Liability
09/29/2022 EVT0008747 School 74 Reclamation Project – Linn County
10/03/2022 EVT0008573 Janitorial Services – Topeka Service Center

The above referenced bid documents can be downloaded at the following website:

Additional files may be located at the following website (please monitor this website on a regular basis for any changes/addenda):

09/22/2022 A-014557 KAGD; Ft. Leavenworth MTC – Guard Shack Replacement

Information regarding prequalification, projects, and bid documents can be obtained at 785-296-8899 or

Richard Beattie, Director
Office of Procurement and Contracts

Doc. No. 050495