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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 39 - September 29, 2022

State of Kansas

Department of Transportation

Notice to Consulting Firms

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is seeking a qualified consulting firm or team of firms to perform Independent Cost Estimating (ICE) professional services for the project described below. Interested consultants must email a proposal to by 12:00 p.m. (CDT) October 20, 2022, to be considered for selection.

All firms doing business with KDOT must be registered and in good standing under the laws of the State of Kansas at the time of contracting and must comply with applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Project Description

Table 1: Background and Scope of Project
Project Number Background and Scope of Project
KA-6535-02 The US-54/US-400 – Sedgwick and Butler Counties project has received approval to move forward as Kansas’ first progressive design-build (PDB) project. The project will follow the existing alignment of US-54/US-400 from the intersection of K-96 to just east of the North 159th St. E. intersection and expand the existing facility to become a controlled-access freeway facility with additional travel lanes, frontage roads, and a reconfigured K-96 interchange. The project will also improve access from US-54/US-400 to K-96 by reconstructing and reconfiguring the interchange. Ancillary improvements will also be incorporated within the project limits. The estimated construction budget is $225 million.

For additional information regarding this construction project, including the Instructions to Proposers and the form of PDB Contract for the Progressive Design-Builder procurement, see the project website:
General Project Delivery Method Description PDB is an alternative delivery procurement method that uses a qualifications-based or best value selection to select a progressive design-builder. Following selection of a progressive design-builder, KDOT will work collaboratively with the progressive design-builder during the PDB Planning Phase and/or Pre-Construction Phase to progressively advance and refine the project design and construction price using a cost model prepared by the progressive design-builder. The cost model will include:
  • Quantity take-offs.
  • Material costs, subcontracted work costs, equipment rates, burdened hourly labor rates, crew sizes, shifts/hours per day, and production rates.
  • Risk assumptions, assignment of risks and schedule, and cost contingencies associated with each risk.
  • Costs to mobilize equipment and materials to construct the work and other facility related costs necessary for the proper execution of the work.
  • Copies of quotations from subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Field indirect costs, bonds, taxes, and insurance.
General Project Delivery Method Description At the Preliminary Design Submittal (approximately 30% design complete) for each work package, the progressive design-builder will use the cost model to prepare an opinion of probable construction cost (OPCC). Once the OPCC estimate is within the acceptable percentage range (as determined by KDOT), the progressive design-builder will further advance design to a level (typically 60-75%) that allows development of a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) considerate of project risks and risk allocation in accordance with the risk register for each Work Package. The GMP is anticipated to be submitted prior to completion of final design of the project.

Anticipated Consultant Scope

KDOT anticipates the following activities to be included in the ICE consultant’s scope:

  • Participate in, maintain notes, and document action items and decisions made for team meetings as described in Table 2.

Table 2: Meetings
Meeting Description Setting and Estimated Frequency
Planning Phase Kickoff Meeting Initial kickoff meeting to develop a common understanding of purpose, assumptions, and outcomes for the project. In-person meeting

One occurrence
Project Status Meeting Project status meetings shall address general status of the work in detail, progress made, forthcoming work planned, and all issues with potential to cause delays or problems and their estimated effect on the project schedule. Virtual meeting

Risk Management and Project Schedule Meetings Meetings focused on project schedule status and consolidating identified risks from other meetings and incorporating this information into the Risk Register. Virtual meeting

Executive Team Meetings Leadership meeting to address status of the work and major risks with potential to cause delays or problems and their estimated effect on the project schedule. In-person meeting

Price Reconciliation Meetings Meetings among the ICE, progressive design-builder, and KDOT to reconcile pricing in the OPCCs and work package GMPs. In-person meeting

Up to 8 occurrences
As-requested meetings ICE shall plan to attend up to two additional meetings per month to discuss project-related issues when requested by KDOT. Virtual meeting


  • Develop a thorough understanding of the project and the project goals.
  • Provide assistance to KDOT with respect to determining cost impacts of the following: project phasing, labor availability, mobilization and site access, sequence of design and construction, and availability and procurement of equipment and materials.
  • Identify methods and solutions for KDOT and progressive design-builder to consider that may facilitate execution of the work more efficiently (e.g., innovation, means and methods, equipment, material costs, and risk assignment).
  • Prepare and maintain a resource loaded critical path method (CPM) project schedule for the overall project and each work package to support development of an accurate estimate(s) of construction cost, confirm production considerations, and assess constructability issues related to the project.
  • Provide input on risk management activities and status of items on the risk register, including identifying, assessing, mitigating, and allocating risks.
  • Provide cost estimate support for the evaluation of proposed concepts using contractor style (production-based) methodologies and production-based heavy civil estimating software platforms, including:
    • Prepare an overall estimate for the cost of work for the entire project in consideration of the progressive design-builder’s Work Packaging Plan.
    • Prepare and submit an independent cost estimate at the Preliminary Design Submittal (approximately 30% design complete), to validate the progressive design-builder’s OPCC for each work package. Note that the project may be comprised of multiple work packages (up to twelve work packages should be assumed).
    • Prepare and submit an independent cost estimate for each of the work package GMP (up to twelve work packages should be assumed).
    • Conduct price reconciliation meetings with KDOT and the progressive design-builder to identify areas of substantive divergence (as identified by KDOT) between ICE and progressive design-builder’s OPCC and work package estimates.
    • Reconcile substantive divergences for each of the identified items to bring the OPCC and work package GMP into the acceptable percentage range.
    • Provide summary and detailed cost breakdowns.
    • Share, review, and discuss assumptions, quantities, contingencies, and other items that affect the price of the project.


  • The ICE consultant must have construction, open-book pricing, and alternative project delivery experience. Key personnel for the project shall include the following: project manager, cost estimator, and scheduler.
  • Preference will be given to proposed key personnel with the following qualifications and experience:

Project Manager

  • Ten or more years of experience in management and oversight of heavy civil construction projects and construction cost estimating with knowledge of construction and current market conditions.
  • Strong presentation skills with experience leading meetings and discussions with multi-disciplinary teams on major infrastructure projects.
  • Proficient in written communication with experience developing technical reports and memos related to independent cost estimating.
  • Experience making decisions regarding risk management and other project issues that may affect pricing.

Cost Estimator

  • Proficiency in production-based, heavy civil estimation software platforms.
  • Experience performing contractor-style, production-based cost estimates for projects of similar scope, size, and complexity to the project.
  • Reviewing project plans and specifications and offering ideas for innovation that align with the project goals.
  • Ten or more years of recent and relevant estimating experience in heavy civil construction, specifically roadway, bridge, and underground utility construction, along with knowledge of construction means, methods, and equipment in these areas.
  • Experience identifying, assessing, and pricing risk.
  • Experience working for a construction contractor estimating and/or managing construction projects that are similar to the project.


  • Experience developing resource loaded construction CPM schedules for projects of similar scope, size, and complexity to the project.
  • The ability to review the progressive design-builder’s construction schedule and provide written analysis and recommendations to improve its usefulness to the project team.
  • Ten or more years of recent and relevant scheduling experience in all trades of heavy civil and transportation, along with knowledge of construction means, methods, and equipment in these areas.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in critical path scheduling (Primavera P6 or KDOT approved alternative) and analysis on at least three construction projects.

Anticipated Schedule and Key Dates

  1. Proposals are due by or before 12:00 p.m. (CDT) October 20, 2022
  2. The program fiscal year for this project is FY 2023 (July 2022 – June 2023)
  3. Anticipated execution of the ICE contract: December 2022
  4. Other important dates:
    1. Anticipated execution of PDB contract with progressive design-builder: November 2022
    2. NEPA decision: January 2023
    3. Early work packages authorization: As early as 2nd Quarter of 2023
    4. All Work Package GMPs authorized: 4th Quarter of 2023
    5. Substantial completion: December 2025

Instructions for Proposal

  1. No cost or pricing information shall be submitted with the proposal. Proposals including cost or pricing information will be considered non-responsive and withdrawn from further consideration.
  2. The consultant’s proposal must not exceed 14 pages total (excluding required forms and attachments). All pages shall be 8.5” x 11” in size. Font size shall not be less than 11 point, excluding the organization chart which must not be less than 10 point.
  3. A PDF (2MB maximum size) of the proposal must be emailed to by the proposal due date and time.
  4. The subject line of the email and the PDF file name must read:
    1. “KA-6535-02 – ICE_Services_[FIRM NAME]”
  5. The proposal must be accompanied by Special Attachments No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”) and No. 10 (“Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment”). If you need a Tax Clearance Certificate, you can request one at Allow 2-3 business days for processing.
  6. The outline in Table 3 below describes the expected proposal organization and content sections.
  7. Table 4 lists the evaluation factors and associated weights which will be used to make a selection.

Table 3: Proposal Content
Section Description of Intent Max # of Pages
Cover Letter Cover letter conveying your interest in providing ICE services. 14 Pages
Delivery Method Understanding Demonstrate your firm’s understanding of the PDB delivery method and how your firm will work with KDOT to ensure a successful project.
Project Approach Provide an organizational chart to demonstrate reporting and communication among the proposed staff, including key personnel, that will provide the required services. Demonstrate anticipated communication between KDOT, the ICE, and the Progressive Design-Builder within the organizational chart. Describe your approach to accomplish the services described in the anticipated consultant scope in an efficient manner and to a high standard. Include cost-effective and optimized solutions to address the project. Include qualifications or experience related to the Project approach.
Firm Qualifications and Experience Describe the firm’s past experiences with respect to ability to create accurate, high quality project schedules and independent cost estimates. Include three client references and reference contact information (phone and email).
Project Staff Qualifications and Experience Identify the key personnel for this project (project manager, cost estimator, and scheduler) and provide a resume for each detailing their experience with regard to their position on the team. Resumes shall not exceed two pages for each key personnel position. Include names, office location, qualifications, education, training, expertise, and other relevant information. Include three references and reference contact information (phone and email) for each of the key personnel.

Table 4: Evaluation Factors
Evaluation Factor Weight
Delivery Method Understanding 10%
Project Approach 20%
Firm Qualifications and Experience 25%
Project Staff Qualifications and Experience 25%
Interview 20%


Interviews will be held with each firm. Interviews are anticipated to occur during the week of October 31 to November 4, 2022. The purpose of the interview is to allow proposers to present their analysis of the Project, to allow the panel time to clarify the consultant’s qualifications in a question-and-answer session, and to allow the department to assess the consultant’s understanding of the services and the PDB delivery method.

  • A standard KDOT agreement for technical services will be used for the project. The form of the agreement or a link to the form of agreement will be posted at
  • The following special attachments will need to be provided by the selected consultant and all subconsultants with the signed work order following negotiations and will become attachments to the contract.
    • Special Attachment No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”)
    • Special Attachment No. 10 (“Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment”)
  • Proposers must complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form and include the completed form in their proposal which discloses any relationships that create, or appear to create, a conflict of interest with the work that is contemplated in this Request for Proposals (RFP). Members of KDOT’s project management team (Garver, Ballard Spahr, LLP, and Burns & McDonnell) and members of firms that are on a proposer team for the US-54/US-400 Sedgwick and Butler Counties Project (KA-6535-03) may not participate on the ICE consultant’s team. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form or a link to the form will be posted at
  • This RFP does not obligate KDOT to award a contract or complete the project, and KDOT reserves the right to cancel the RFP if it is in its best interest. KDOT also reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted in response to this solicitation.
  • Any proposal received after the due date specified above will be considered late and will be rejected.
  • Once the selection to this solicitation is announced, proposers may request a formal debrief from KDOT with regard to its selection.
  • Proposals and their content will become the property of KDOT. All proposals will be treated as non-public records until the contract has been executed by all parties.


All questions regarding this RFP shall be emailed to Questions can be submitted until October 6, 2022. Responses or a link to responses will be posted on or before October 13, 2022 at

Marcia Turner, P.E., Contracts Manager
Division of Engineering and Design

Doc. No. 050544